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The VGM Radio Show Calendar


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As you've probably noticed just based on the number of threads in this forum alone, there are a LOT of video game music-related shows out there in the internets. So, I decided to compile a Google Calendar of all of the ones I could find to help folks who were interested in listening to these shows but are bad at figuring out time zones. There may be some errors, so if something is screwy, let me know and I'll fix it. Also, if your show isn't on here, let me know and I can add it for you.


The base time zone is US Eastern, but if you add this calendar to your own through Google, it should adjust to your personal time zone. You can add it to your own by using this Google Calendar ID: 2r6fjpf5anamds1k3p7iraput8@group.calendar.google.com

Hopefully this is helpful for those of you who want to follow these shows!

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Definitely need to bump this one and possibly sticky it so it doesn't get buried underneath everything. :)!!

JEEZ. So many radio shows. XD

You need to change your avatar. I seriously spent like half an hour thinking you were Bleck and wondering since when the fucking hell Bleck uses emoticons, especially that emoticon. It was awful.

Oh and nice thread I suppose, I love radios and shows!

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