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OCR02636 - *YES* Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim 'Whiterun'


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Contact Info:

Your ReMixer name: mellogear (recognize)

Your real name: Jon Delvaux

Your website: http://www.facebook.com/summerherekids

Your userid: 4347

Submission Info:

Name of game(s) arranged: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Name of arrangement: Whiterun

Name of individual song(s) arranged: The Streets of Whiterun

Personal Comments: From the 2012 Bad Dudes MAGFest Sampler, http://baddudes.bandcamp.com/album/2012-magfest-sampler




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I'm really stunned here. I've been listening to a lot of Sigur Ros and Death Cab for Cutie lately and this feels like the immaculately-conceived lovechild of the two styles. So, right from the start I feel like I've already got a personal investment, so to speak, in this mix :-)

I wasn't familiar with the source, but I have a general idea of how the Skyrim soundtrack sounds so I was curious how you could have adapted that kind of material into a mix like this. However, as soon as I listened to the source, the connection became undeniably clear, despite the fact that much of the source usage is chord based. If I can listen to a source that I've never heard before and I can instantly feel the connection to a remix I've only listened to once, that's pretty strong in my eyes.

I think my favorite part about this is how delicately you handled the arrangement. It takes a lot of restraint to pull off a slow-burner like this but you really seem to have a good sense of when to bring in each new instrument or when to ramp up the energy of the song in order to create the strongest effect. The mix of acoustic and distorted elements is pretty seamless, and the mixing is pristine, right up there with what I'd expect from professional bands that employ this style.

I'm gushing at this point so I'll cut this short, but I genuinely enjoyed listening to this and I know it'll be going on many a playlist of mine in the future. Thanks for submitting this dude :-)


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