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OCR01396 - *YES* Doom 'Ghosts of Mars'

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Uh, I never call? Man, I dunno wut your talking about, but I don't swing that way...uh... Mr. Weird Man. :lol:

http://www.doom2.net/~doomdepot/music/doom%201%20&%202%20midis.zip - "E2M4 - Deimos Lab"

Thank God it's a Doom mix where I can easily recognize the arrangement of the original. I've literally been plagued with too many liberal Doom tracks lately.

Nice intro; I love the crispy SFX in there. All spooky stuff while waiting for something to kick in, but 5 minutes gives it a lot of time. Ah, here we go with the vox tackling the theme at :56. The male vox on support doesn't sound as good as the female vox, but it's very minor. The pizz strings at 1:08 are a lil' fakey, but nothing I mind; definitely a nice touch having them there.

Things became dull-sounding on the EQing as soon as the drums were worked in at 1:23. And for some reason, the metal-hand-percussion-dealies (LOL! I try, folks...) you used here hit some really bright spots where they're too loud. Same at 1:49 with whatever new shaker you added there. Way too loud and overbearing.

Things calmed down at 2:15 with some cool organic instrumentation along with a xylo (Xylo? Ah, shut up, Gray!). Goes on for a while as I wait for the source tune to come back in. Nice quick reference to the source from 2:57-3:11. In any case, quite the interesting section. Some may have some qualms with it, but it was carried out VERY well IMO. Very unique vs. other stuff we have on the site, the percussion-driven work here was awesome, and the pads and other light instrumentation filling it out were exactly what it needed to not sound barren.

Back to the vox at 3:38 as things picked back up. The vox sounded a little muffled now, and again from 4:08-4:31 the soundfield sounded dull when everything kicked in. Fix 'er up...er. Hot close as well. The crackly almost Morse code/telegraph style SFX from the intro makes an odd but interesting close that compliments the strange atmosphere of the rest of the track.

I'd really like to see some production tweaks on the sections I mentioned before this is posted. Gray could really help isolate some of the problem areas and offer tips. But other than that, this was gold and some exemplary material from the The Dark Side of Phobos. While the EQing needs some work in places, I felt this was your most impressive arrangement material yet, Navid. Nice work, bro.


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WORD! Clearly audible source tune... WAY TO GO!

Smooth death-ridden intro. As much as I hate similes, the fast percussion in here sounds like some sort of large one-eyed beast slamming it's hands down on a giant demonic snare drum. Every beat appears to come from the same warped instrument, yet the tone varies enough that it feels as though it's actually being played. Meanwhile, all the virgin sacrifices are dancing around him, singing on occasion. Not sure why they're so enthusiastic about there impending demise, but they help the song, so I wont bother them.

The low pitched vocals and high strings complete things, driving the masterful acceleration into 2:17. Well suited bit of peace and quiet following that frenzied pagan worship section. The entire chorale and strings lead us into one more percussive crescendo where the virgins stop singing in order to prepare themselves for the slaughter. At 4:32, the rite has been concluded and the beautiful virgins are no more. The coroner then shows up with his vinyl meat-wagon to take the corpses away. In other words, I loved it!


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this is the sort of stuff navid excels at. breaking my brain.

demented, twisted and brilliant. the disenfranchised missing musical ideas are making me feel kinda edgy in the dark right now.

functionality maximized.

smooth combination of tones and moods.

i'm thoroughly impressed by this one. no qualms

get your ass to mars!


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This is a huge step up from Mythril's previous mixes. He took a kind of dull source material and crafed a very captivating, intricate and textural mix out of. Mythril has been listening to a lot of new age music and it's pretty evident in this. This has a lot of the markings of Cinematic New Age, reminds me a bit of some of my more cinematic stuff. I hear a lot of David Arkenstone influences here.

The atmosphere of the mix is just great all around. I love the little subtleties with the chromatic bell/glock similar metal instrument (the xylo larry refers to) and all the percussions. The ethnic hand drums add a great accent to the piece. This is all supported with nice solo string, pads and choir passages.

Some of the high frequencies from the percussion could have been softened, and I think some of the instruments could have benefited from longer tails via reverb or delay.

He spent months working on this, since late last year, and the hardwork has clearly manifested itself with this jewel of a mix. Easy YES.

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