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mod-review El Hombre de Madera (Wood Man remix of MegaMan 2)

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Good evening.

I am new in this forum, as thus also I am new in the composition and remezcla (remixing) of music.

I am learning piano and I have descended a software to arrange music with a controller MIDI that I bought me.

This it is a remix of a great mentions of the MegaMan 2 of the Family. It is the song of the forest, of Wood Man, or as we would say in Mexico, "El Hombre de Madera".

He has not turned out well, but is the best than I have been able to do with my little knowledge of Cubase.

I expect in a nearby future to be able to produce better things. I would like to receive opinions on behalf of people qualified, that is why I will put him in Mod Review.

Many thanks friends since already.

Greetings and hugs!




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Welcome to OCR! Your song is a work in progress for sure. You need to change your title to "work in progress." "Mod review" is only for tracks ready to be submitted to the judges, after you have received replies from people on your track, and polished it as much as you are able to.

To change your title, simply edit your post, and click "go advanced," then the option to change the title will appear at the top.

Rozovian has written an excellent remixing guide which is very helpful. I suggest you start with that. Good luck and, again, welcome.

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To start off, the sounds are very generic.

The timings are generally off, and have odd rhythms, almost like you are constantly missing cues. Some of the notes you removed from the original are important for the integrity of the melody, and without them makes it seem jumpy and uncertain of where it's going. An important thing to remember, is that YES, it's IS important to make the song YOUR OWN, but just haphazardly changing notes and removing them from the melody is not how to do that. The area you most want to aim for that is the rhythm. Hit there first, then make a melody for your rhythm. It's not the perfect way, but from experience, it usually lands you most self-impressed, and it makes you feel like you are making additive art (like sculpting) and not subtractive are (like chiseling).

The drums sound very mechanized, put some velocities in there. An important thing in mixing, is that when trying to emulate lively sounds, you want to include humanization, and actually, drums are fairly easy. Add reverb/delay and edit some velocities for some basic humanization (if you REALLY want to get serious, look up wave editing. I don't even go there, it's so tedious).

I don't know what feel your going for here, if it's a somber mood, it needs more build-up or tension, and with the odd rhythms, it's hard to achieve such a feeling. It feels more like a weird drug trip.

Also, TIP: Don't think saying "I don't understand my DAW well" is going to excuse these. Ignorance does not excuse performance.

I do not mean to be mean or anything, but this mix is just, in all honesty, sloppy. It needs cohesion. It needs a feeling. To start, find a genre, or even two genre and aim for them. I would also suggest combining sounds in layers and EQing them (that takes too long for me to explain, look up a youtube video). There's a good video made by a veteran around here, zircon, that talks about layering, I'll find it quick.

PS: Rozovian's remix guide that chimpazilla posted is very good. Read it.

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Andy, dude. No need to yell. I think he got the point. :P

Good morning, welcome to ocr. :D

Yeah, this track is newby. :P It's difficult to give opinions on the track because you're still so new at this. It's like trying to critique a child's ice skating, the best I can say is: practice. I don't think you should worry so much about specifics, just get used to cubase and how to think in music. Here's some thoughts on what you can do to improve:

Go to and download your favorite old game songs, import into cubase, put your own instruments on it and see how it sounds. Study it. It's far from what ocremix does, but it's great practice when you're new to remixing. This will show you how a song can look like from the inside, and when you work on your instruments you'll probably learn mixing.

_Write_ a simple beat in cubase and loop it, play or write melodies and chords that fit that rhythm. You could also try writing the melodies from simple songs into cubase (many NES and SNES game tracks, zelda ocarina songs, children's songs...). This will teach you how songs are written.

Listen to lots of different music, and think about how the parts go together, how the drum rhythms and the other instruments fit together, how loud the instruments are, etc.. This will teach you both composition and mixing.

Kristina already linked to the guide I wrote. Read it while practicing. :) It will teach you a little bit of everything... but it's only text, and you won't learn much if you don't also practice and listen.

First you learn to walk. Then you learn to run. It usually takes a few years before ppl are on ocr's quality level. Practice makes pancakes (the more, the better). First they start out terrible, but the more you make, the better they (and you) get. :)

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Very well friends. Thanks by the support.

I was reading the guides and, good, I believe therefore that I am improving.

Probably tomorrow rise another theme, trying to carry a little better the time and to improve the sounds that use.

I descended a pair of VTS with good sounds. One I believe that is called Dimension and the other Sonico Sinth. I believe that they sound pretty.

I maintain them to the so much one: D

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