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OCR02733 - *YES* Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 'Wisdom Courage Power'


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metaphist (Paul Ford) 8822

Zelda OoT Temple of Time

"Wisdom Courage Power"

This one's been floatin around in my soul for a while now, and since we finally got the clos...er, studio...set up for recording, I decided to sit down and see what I could write to it. 'We' refers to Angry Sons, be sure to check out the promo. My goal for this was to throw a reference to every Zelda game that's come out so far. And no, THAT game doesn't count.

It's my time...it's my hour

My wisdom, my courage, my power

Hold ya sword up, never cower

From Gerudo Valley to Ganon's Tower

I done seen things...I did my dirt

I seen lies take lives, man the truth hurts

Traveled the whole earth, Hold my shield higher

Stronger, braver, much wiser

Back in the day they never held the kids hand

With one wooden shield and a sword from an old man

The land traveler, Moblin battler

No tell tale cracks in walls, no access denied to amateurs

Just wits and a little bag of tricks

My grab bag'll have Felix the Cat callin' it quits

And Batman ballin' in fits of jealousy

Got it on lock like a skeleton key

Green threads like a thief to steal through

Dungeons, reveal rooms and uncover the real truth

With divine tools, and I ain't no new jack

My heart belongs to the old school man, my link's to the past

Sleepin' on the kid, you might as well sleep with the fish

Instrumentally gifted when I'm wakin' the wind

Takin' offense to fake emcees abusing the craft

The lime-light removes a majority of these masks

I write rhymes like every twenty-four's my last

And talk big like I dropped the Minish cap

You can guarantee I put my spirit in these tracks

The way the industry is out-of-wack it's like the very oracle of rap got kidnapped

Overdue for a tall hourglass of sunshine

Delivered by dogged determination in the twilight

Four times the fight when I grab the mic with fly words

That channel the heavens when I point it skyward


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This is so



Your rapping chops are fantastic and the lyrics are extremely well written. Your lyrics and performance style remind me like a much better version of the Knuckles stage music from Sonic Adventure 2. The record scratches are sweeeet, too. You're continuing to showcase talents I never would have guessed that you had, and with each submission I feel like you're raising the bar for yourself :-)

The beat itself has a few minor problems, such as the Temple of Time melody lead being a little bit dry and the rhodes piano feeling rather small and reserved. A sample with some more stereo width and more resonance would have worked better, IMO, but I can also respect it as a stylistic choice.

My other critique is that I think some of the soloing from the first minute and a half would have fit better at the end of the track instead of clustering it all toward the beginning. Right now, it takes so long for the raps to come in that I sort of lose interest in the track. I don't foresee that being a problem, but just something to consider!

Very easy



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SOLID. yeah, this is pretty darn cool, definitely a unique take on the theme. personally I think the rapping should have started earlier, but I know you wanted to give that lead melody some limelight, which works. just seemed a little awkward to have that big melodic break after the bit of vox in the intro. good stuff though overall, and great to hear more new stuff from ya. :D


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This is the tightest thing I've heard since José's Unknown from M.C. Really great beats, nice adaptation of the Temple of Time theme, and absolutely excellent, relevant lyrics. Vocal performance is superb; great flow, mixed just right. Love the scratching.


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