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The Official SNESology Thread - Sample Libraries Available!

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I'm going to lock this, as the last few posts have just been Paul posting his tracks and not much in the way of discussion of SNESology, which seems to have basically gone dormant. Paul if you'd like to post your excellent arrangements on the forums, please continue to do so in the Workshop forums.

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Hello everyone! Welcome to the Official SNESology Thread! About: SNESology is a collection of diverse original tracks made with soundsets acquired across the net and developed to emulate classi

Howdy. For the Autumn and Halloween season, I did a SNESology track out of Secret of Evermore samples to honor the mountain town I live in for the season. I wanted to do something like all the hauntin

When I started doing my research project for my DMA in Music Composition, I wanted to look at VGM and fan compositions specifically.  I interviewed a few fan composers, had them fill out a survey, and

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