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The Official SNESology Thread - Sample Libraries Available!

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Hello everyone! Welcome to the Official SNESology Thread! About: SNESology is a collection of diverse original tracks made with soundsets acquired across the net and developed to emulate classi

Howdy. For the Autumn and Halloween season, I did a SNESology track out of Secret of Evermore samples to honor the mountain town I live in for the season. I wanted to do something like all the hauntin

When I started doing my research project for my DMA in Music Composition, I wanted to look at VGM and fan compositions specifically.  I interviewed a few fan composers, had them fill out a survey, and

How can I go about making my own SNES music, if you all don't mind me asking?

Many of the sounds we use can be produced with soundfonts:


(I have 27 games' instrument sets at time of writing, more to come!)

To use the soundfonts, you'll need a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) such as FL Studio, or freeware like LMMS:


When you're ready to submit something to this project, make sure you adhere to the guidelines that they've posted here:


It's great to see new people interested in SNES composition. Best of luck, and if you want more specific help, please feel free to email me! :)

snes [at] williamkage.com

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I'm not sure how that came off as doubting your ability; I have no doubt that you can do it. :)

It didn't, it's just soundfonts aren't really the best medium to do it properly. A soundfont wouldn't sound great when it would come to echo, vibrato etc...that's why I call it a last resort.

The ultimate goal would be to have a small customized VST built to load the sounds and tweak them for SNES purposes and make it free for everyone. For example, if you want to do a proper NES chiptune, you wouldn't really use a soundfont to do it properly (..you'd use a tracker lol but some people aren't really into that, including me). So the same courtesy should really extend. I've thought about building one myself but I just wince at the thought of programming again. But yeah that is a "big" goal.

In the meantime if anybody is using Kontakt then I would happily send them what were using for it. We'd just really like to avoid soundfonts for now, get on with ripping more sounds from games and hopefully have a viable solution when we have a website...or something like that.

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That would be mega-cool!

Yeah, technically we should all be tracking SPC's, right?

But as long as the DSP sounds okay, how you get there shouldn't matter.

Besides programming, VST's may have compatibility issues with certain DAW's, I don't know.

You do make a good point, though, about vibrato.

SF2 allows LFO to be built-in, and some do have it (even a couple of mine!) but not all.

An alternative to VST-driven DSP would be taking measurements like feedback/cutoff, wet/dry, etc.

If that was standardized, it wouldn't matter what DAW you're plugging them into.

I've actually been helping a lot of people refine their SNES sounds in FL Studio.

Here's a demo from one guy who's making great progress:

Not bad, right? :D

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Loving all this stuff. When my time frees up a bit, I'd LOVE to get involved in making some SNES tunes. I can't wait till I get things taken care of and clear things off of my commitment plate a little so I can start :D

While we're setting up the main site feel free to send your submissions or any questions to


looking forward to hearing what you come up with!

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So for an update for those who have been keeping up with our situation: The SNESology domains are finally in our hands.

In other news: We've reached a milestone of 1k likes on Facebook!

To celebrate, we have a brand new song on the way from Shnabubula, who is returning to SNESology after a 3 month hiatus. Believe me, he'll be back with a VENGEANCE! So stay tuned!

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Hey guys!

Shnabubula has returned with a vengeance! (I just wanted to say that).

Anyway, we have an amazing CONTEST going so check that out please!



Seriously though, enter the contest. What do you have to lose?

For all other SNESology comments, inquiries, and requests, please stick to this thread! Thanks!

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Halloween Flood Commence!

Staring us off, Toby's made a Castlevania IV song without the use of actual Castlevania IV samples! It's titled, "Vlad's Pad" lol.




IMO it's the best writeup I've EVER made ever! :tomatoface: <--- this is blood btw

We have a lot more spooky songs on the way so stay tuned!

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