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Final Fantasy VII - Sandy Badlands (Ambient Mix)


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Hey all,

I'm rather new to remixing, but I just finished this mix today and was thinking about subbing it to OCR. I would like to have another set of ears or two to listen to it and give any suggestions as to what to tweak. I've listened to it so many times that any subtle EQ changes seem to sound the same, haha.

Here it is on Tindeck - http://tindeck.com/listen/erkc

Any comments are appreciated!

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I like the style here.

Does it just repeat halfway through? I could do without the second half. I know it is ambient, but I feel like I could just play the first two minutes of this twice and it would be about the same.

The first time I listened to this, I felt like the wide vibrato on the background guitar near the beginning was very distracting... second time it didn't really bother me, but it was still a little distracting for an instrument that seems like it's supposed to be in the back.

The flute sound on the final note before the "break" in the middle (and the same note repeated at the end of the piece) is very overpowering, the melody plays just fine, but that last note sticks out in a way it shouldn't.

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Thanks for the feedback!

Can't really get around the guitar vibrato as it's part of the synth pad. Personally I don't find it too distracting.

The flute however, is indeed overpowering. Probably should have fixed that beforehand, haha.

I tried to make it a hybrid between a remix and a remaster, that's why it repeats. I wanted it to still be a remix but also be faithful to the original which repeats in the OST :)

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This is pretty neat. I like the rich pads and guitar (even the wobbly one - it seemed to fit stylistically). Overall the soundscape and production is solid.

The arrangement works in the beginning. The second half of the track, though, is very similar to the first. You're going to need something more distinct for the second half if you want to turn this into OCR.

The flute, while fitting for the style, sounds mechanical and non-realistic. It also tends to be a little behind the rest of the mix (especially when that bass drum hits). You're going to need to work with the volumes and attacks considerably on it to make that instrument work. You could alternatively get one of the members here to give it a shot, too - Syllix has a pan flute, for example, so maybe you can give him a ring?

Very nice, and certainly close to the bar, as it is. I'd say make the second half of the arrangement more distinct from the first and fix up the flute and this'll be a postable mix.

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