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Bob-omb Battlefield (Band Cover)


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That's really great stuff. Just the four of you guys, huh? I'd really like to see more of your stuff on here - you have some real talent creating a big band style with only four people.

If you planned on submitting this track then PROTO·DOME is right in saying it's a bit too close to the source material, though the soloing in there does give it a nice little kick. It would be really awesome if you guys made something particularly for OCRemix - I think you'd nail it, if you wrote with the guidelines in mind.

Hope to see more from you guys. Keep on rockin' out.

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Thanks! I see what you guys mean about it being too much of a cover. It wasn't really intended to be submitted to OCRemix, just thought I'd share it.

We're currently rehearsing some stuff to take the band live, but I'm up for doing something for OCRemix in the future.


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