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Confusion over delay control in packaged FL Studio 10 demo project

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Mkay, so while looking over FL Studio demo files to pick up some production tricks, I found something in the deadmau5 remix That's Not True (dream electro mix) track that I can't figure out.

The "whatthefuck" pattern plays a short sample. It has some processing on it. Cool. Now go to the playlist and mute everything except for the track with "whatthefuck" on it. Listen to the delay. The audio just kinda cuts off a few beats before the next "whatthefuck" trigger. I went into the mixer and created an identical Fruity Delay and muted the original Fruity Delay. When I did that, the audio did *not* cut off just a few beats before the next "whatthefuck" trigger, so I think there's something unusual about the original Fruity Delay that cuts off the audio?? As I said, I coped and pasted all the values off the original onto a new Fruity Delay and muted the original. It changed the whole sound. :-? Why?

I tried looking for little hidden volume, mute, or cut controls somewhere. Nada.

I'm stumped.

While I'm on the topic of this project file, maybe someone can explain how the IEF works in Fruity Love Philter on mixer track 6? I think deadmau5 basically just used love philter for waveshaping and noise gating. Waveshaping, I get. Noise gating I've never experimented with at all. Was he just kinda making do since he was limited to native plugins when making this track? Would a common noise gating plugin be able to accomplish what he did with that IEF business?

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Fruity Delay 1 is slightly buggy in the newer versions of FL, from my experience. I used to use it exclusively but then I started running into weird tempo issues, so now I either use delay bank or delay 2. Lets me do stereo offsets while I'm at it.

That doesn't really seem to be what you're describing though. If I had to guess (without actually opening the project file, sorry), my best intuition would be that the effect has smart disable on, which automatically silences tracks that aren't active after a while (which can cut out long delays or reverbs). Of course, smart disable is -disabled- for rendering mode, but when you're previewing it does kick in after some amount of seconds.

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