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  1. Hi all! I'm posting this topic to announce my upcoming 9-bit chiptune music game, Rhythm Quest! Wishlist on Steam now! Rhythm Quest is a 2-button rhythm platformer game developed by DDRKirby(ISQ). (that's me!) Jump, attack, and fly to the beat to get past challenging obstacles in this rhythm-based twist on a traditional "runner" game. I'm personally handling all aspects of the game, including coding, music, game design, artwork, and production. In particular, being both the composer and level designer has allowed me to create music tracks that are mapped out specifically to provide call-outs to obstacles in the game. Check it out in action in the gameplay trailer! Each type of enemy requires different button sequences to defeat: Wings offer extra mid-air jumps, while flight paths require you to hold down the jump button: Speed zones change up the rhythm of the song: Rhythm Quest will release on Steam/itch.io for PC/Mac/Linux, as well as iOS/Android, and Nintendo Switch. My estimated release date is currently late 2022 (?), but well...you all know how release dates can be for game projects [knocks on wood]. I've just recently published the steam page for the game, so I'd really appreciate it if you would check it out, wishlist, and share with anyone else who you think might be interested! If you're interested in following along with the development of the game, you can check out the devlog on Medium. You can also follow along on Twitter, or join the Discord server to get notified whenever a new devlog article comes out. I also have an official website for the game.
  2. DDRKirby(ISQ) here with my latest original release, All in a Day's Work 5! One Hour Compo (better known simply as "OHC") is a weekly composition competition event hosted at http://compo.thasauce.net. The premise is simple: at a certain time each week, a theme is announced, and entrants are given exactly one hour to produce a song from scratch based on that theme. "All in a Day's Work 5" is the fifth installment in the "All in a Day's Work" series. The concept is the same as always: I've taken 24 songs that I've written for OHC and compiled them into a single album, literally the product of 24 hours of work. All 24 tracks are presented exactly as they were submitted for OHC without any post-editing. The album download includes a PDF full of detailed liner notes that you can check out for more info on each of the tracks! Download now from Bandcamp (pay what you want): https://ddrkirbyisq.bandcamp.com/album/all-in-a-days-work-5 Physical release also available!
  3. Soooo...funny story, I've actually gotten really into ALttP: Randomizer lately, so I actually hear the full ending music for aLttP on a regular basis now ;P
  4. Hey all! DDRKirby(ISQ) here -- A lot of you might know me from my Katamari and Link's Awakening remixes, but the very first mix I had posted on OCR was a waltz from Touhou 11 that was specifically designed for social/ballroom dancing. That remix was actually part of a larger dance music project that I've been working on for the past 4 years! I'm proud to announce the release of Celestial Melodies, a collection of 23 "9-bit" chiptune tracks designed specifically with social dance in mind. Album link (Bandcamp): https://ddrkirbyisq.bandcamp.com/album/celestial-melodies Release trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V695LnQOjHU I've been social dancing for about 6 years and it's been an amazing experience. This album is my way of contributing back to that wonderful community. It's got over an hour of music in my signature 9-bit style, and features a ton of waltzes, as well as some songs for hustle, west coast swing, east coast swing, nightclub two step, and even a handful of irish ceili tunes. Hope you enjoy! --DDRKirby(ISQ)
  5. It's been almost a year since final deadline, can we have a status update of some sort?
  6. Plug for Jillian Aversa! (https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/jillian-aversa/id376154139) virt also has the ducktales: remastered OST up on there, it seems.
  7. I'm proud to announce the release of my new album, All in a Day's Work 3! All in a Day's Work 3 is a collection of 24 tracks that I've made for One Hour Compo over at thasauce.net. Since each song was made over the span of an hour, the entire album was effectively produced over 24 hours. The 24 tracks come out to over 110 minutes of music, most of which is in my classic 9-bit chiptune style, but some of which is more experimental, including orchestral work and a solo piano piece. It also comes in a shiny physical DVD format, with full-color artwork! Bandcamp link (pay what you want!): http://ddrkirbyisq.bandcamp.com/album/all-in-a-days-work-3
  8. Hehe, probably people wanting to download the source for my two latest OCR postings... Let me know if you lost the files and need them again, as I'm sure I still have them somewhere.
  9. Yeah, sorry >.< This is actually the exact same mix that I submitted using FL defaults, verbatim from the competition, so I didn't go back and clean up any of the small mastering issues or use any fancier mastering plugins, etc. This is entirely mastered using a single instance of FL's Soft Clipper, lol xD
  10. Where are the download links?? I need to put these on my mp3 player right away...
  11. Hey all, 8 months ago, Aivi & Surasshu released The Black Box, a wonderful piano + chiptune collaboration album: http://aivi-surasshu.bandcamp.com/album/the-black-box The album meant a lot to me, and as a way of saying a special thank you, I've released an entire remix tribute album, Love Everlasting. I've rearranged every one of the original 11 songs from The Black Box in my own 9-bit style. This includes a remix of Lonely Rolling Star from Katamari, as well as a remix of Mabe Village from Link's Awakening! Please listen to it and download it (for free!) here: http://ddrkirbyisq.bandcamp.com/album/love-everlasting I met up with Aivi & Surasshu in person this past weekend to present the album to them in person! Was really fun to finally meet them and deliver it ^ ^
  12. Yeah, another one of these threads. It's at the very beginning of this song: I'm using FL, I love 3xOsc if at all possible. I have all the usual free VST suspects: Synth1, Crystal, Superwave, etc. I also have Sylenth1, and Alchemy Player + Planet Earth soundbank. Even if you just point me to a preset or patch, that's fine. Don't need to know the exact details from scratch. Sounds like two things going on, a really shimmery thing and then some more mellow pads underneath. The closest thing I know that sounds like the shimmer is some sort of auto-filter or something...I bet if I dug around I could find some preset that comes sort of close but not really. I'm assuming it's some kind of clever filter modulation? The mellow pad I'm assuming I could get if I just had some generic triangle/saws or strings and took out the highs and use appropriate volume envelope. Or just use a preset.
  13. Man, a bunch of that was definitely unintentional ;P Especially with the Airwolf thing, that was just me riffing off of the intro of the Blackjack theme ^^; The beginning starts off with setzer's theme mixed with the arp from FEZ's " ", yes. Then at 1:02 there's a melody from a song I made for One Hour Compo, . Then we go into the main Blackjack theme...There's a little bit at 2:36 that sounds like a snippet of the . At 2:39 the Blackjack music is together with some other stuff, like Terra's theme. And of course, the part after that has that Mega Man stylistic influence.Glad you liked it
  14. Sometimes it's just easier to use a tracker, believe it or not. Certain effects I feel just lend themselves a bit easier to the tracker format, or at least, the specific tracker used. Examples: - Pulse width envelopes. You actually CAN do this with FL's 3xOsc if you layer two of them and cut between them (clever trick that I thought of myself, muahaha), but if you want a note that cycles between 3 different pulse widths or something, that's much easier to do in famitracker than in FL (depends on synth). Of course, you can use something like NES VST, but there's other things, such as: - Vibrato starting at a specific point in the note. Again, this is possible in something like FL, but I feel like it's just easier in something like famitracker or LSDJ. Also, pitch bends are awesome with FL's built-in 3xOsc, but they don't work like that for most VSTs. - Sounds that are very specific to the hardware in question. Good luck emulating the LSDJ wave channel synths in FL. There are some good replications out there for like, the NES's noise channel, but I still feel like famitracker is easier to use for this, since you can have a proper pitch/volume/noise freq envelope and everything, and alter it on the fly on whatever row you want. Sure, you could make the sound in famitracker first, and then export it out so you can use it in some non-tracker DAW, but.... That being said, each application has its own advantages and disadvantages. Writing a dual-LSDJ song is really fun and awesome, but takes =forever=...
  15. Thanks! I need to redo those actually...but glad you've been getting good mileage out of em.

  16. What about http://solidcomposer.com/arena/ or something else? Or better yet just hosting it here on OCR like the other compos are? (mm remix battles, fl studio remix gauntlet)
  17. It'd be nice if you could still give ASIO4all exclusive control, without having to actually -close- all of the other programs. That's what you really want, right? Try disabling that playback source in windows settings, then re-enabling it and then grabbing it with asio4all? Can't guarantee that it'll work; it's been a while since I've fiddled around with it. You still wouldn't be able to view your tutorials, though. Yes, it really is that picky.
  18. EQ is more of a tool to help you slot in the instruments to where you want them to be. If in the arrangement phase you're thinking to put two instruments in the same "slot", then of course they're going to clash, there's no way around that. Sure, you can artificially separate them out using the EQ, but that really should have been in the initial "plan". Even if you roll it off all the way (I do this fairly often), still pay attention to where you set the cutoff point. Fruity's EQ2 gives you a graphical display of how much energy there is at the various frequencies, so you should know what exactly you're cutting off when you do so. Yep. But again, this is something that should be in your mental "plan". If your plan is to make those droning pads the "focus" of the mix, then they don't need to be subtle. But if your plan is to sit them in the background, then use the tools you have to do so! I think that's just my personal style as well ;P Part of it is a byproduct of how I evolved as a mixer via OHC, I don't have time to spend on doing a lot of mixing work and tweaks, so everything is super-simple and formulaic. For better or for worse...;P
  19. Updated with two new videos on mixing! Part 3 to come...it might be a little rambly as I will probably try to explain more of an abstract reasoning behind what makes a song "full". Again, YMMV. My mixing style is sort of specific to my type of music. If you're protodome or halc, you don't use -nearly- as much delay and reverb as me, and your entire sound is different, so these tips wouldn't apply.
  20. Yeah, but then you've only got 3 detuned waves, not a gajillion ;P That's the whole point! There are certainly other tricks you can do, though. You can use chorusing, mda detune, or even a Flanger with low depth and high rate. Or you can use an actual synth with "unison" mode. But 3xOsc is lovely too ^.^
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