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Portal - Still Alive


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It's impossible not to smile when listening to this song.

Well, it's a bit too cover-ish for OCR, but it's an enjoyable listen nonetheless. I'm curious-- what did you use for the guitars?

I'm glad you like it.

And now - the answer of the whole universe - what did i used for guitar?

Well, guitar :-D (Schecter C-1 Hellraiser)

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Just being brief... sorry!

- Lead guitar sounds very fuzzy like the traditional DoD-tone

- Cutoff on the lead during the intro isn't too pleasant

- As mentioned before, it's very coverish

- Finger snaps are loud and dry!

- Sequenced bass is too obvious. Try varying the velocities and timing slightly.

- Kick lacks punch and is quiet. Gotta be a kickpuncher!

- Snare also a bit quiet in comparison to everything. Overheads slightly quiet.

Needs personalization to make it a remix and not a straight cover. The mixing is a little plain and needs cleaning up. The drum writing is pretty bad from 0:31 to 0:45. Seems kinda silly. If you want to go for a big sound there, go big... it sounds weak!

Keep it up!

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