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OCR02674 - *YES* Batman (GEN) 'Flugel Rock'


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Hello fellas,

I'm really excited to cover this game because it brings back a lot of memories.. Naoki Kodaka is like a legend in my opinion, what he did on numerous titles was always melodicaly driven and epic . So, when I browsed trought the overclocked list, I couldn't believe that there was not a single remix about this game. C'mon guys ! the whole soundtrack is awesome!!

I had to settle for just two songs because of lenght limitations, but I would've cover them all if I could.

So it's a downbeat/symphonic version of the two themes featuring the batmobile at 1:28 to bidge them together.

Here's the breakdown :

0:00-1:43 Prologue

1:44-4:53 Flugelheim Museum

I altered the structure a bit.. especially for flugelheim, but the main melody is always present so I hope it's ok for the judges. After 2:33 I stick with that section until the end because it felt more engaging and easy to built up the climax with this melody.

So, here it is, I'm really happy to pay my respect to an epic composer and I hope you guys will like it!



Your ReMixer name : Thunder Thouin

Your real name : Yan Thouin

Your website : https://www.youtube.com/user/ThunderThouin?feature=mhee

Your userid : 11481

Name of game(s) arranged : Batman

Name of arrangement : Flugel Rock

Name of individual song(s) arranged : Prologue / Flugelheim Museum

Additional information about game :

System : Sega Genesis

Composer : Naoki Kodaka

Release Date : 1990

Link to the original soundtrack :

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Pretty. Damn. Excellent.

This arrangement style reminds me a lot of the Terran music from the first Starcraft, which I thought was very well done.

The textures were perfect, the part-writing was varied, and slowing the melody down really gives it a dramatic feel that I think really works. There is a lot of personalization put into this, but there is a strong connection throughout.

I really enjoyed this one, the style is great and and execution is confident and powerful.


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Really not much to add to what Andrew has said. The arrangement is excellent with a lot of personal touches, and I found the drumwork to be really well done as well. The instrumentation works very well as a whole, though if I were to nitpick, I wasn't as sold on the guitar sample.

Great work, hope to hear more from you soon!


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Very cool arrangement. Moody, brooding, majestic in equal turns. The only thing I could nitpick is that in the early parts it sounds like you're running into the limit of your compressor and there's some slight clamping going on. This is badass enough that I am fine with it as is, but probably the mixing could have been fixed a little bit to prevent that from happening. Great work, please send us more!


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The arrangement is excellent, but the muddy mixing really dragged this down for the fullest sections. A lot of writing details in this piece got swamped out. The strength of the arrangement being so great leads me to hold my nose (try to use that expression without sounding like an asshole; can't do it :lol: ) and go YES (borderline) with a lot of reservations. But it's possible that in a few years, Yan will look back at this one and wish he could take another pass at the mixing. It really undercut the potential of this piece a lot.

EDIT: Read Palp's vote after I made mine, and thanks god [sic] I'm not the only one who mentioned the production. :-) But yeah, listened 6 or 7 times, and while I'm personally dissatisfied with the way the production went, at the end of the day, it wasn't ENOUGH to tilt it to NO. It almost was though. I always use Revenge of Shinobi 'Consent (Make Me Dance)' as a control track just to make sure my ears aren't playing tricks on me, and the differences in those two as far as clarity are pretty striking. Still a sweet arrangement here.

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Got a new and improved version from Yan after inquiring. :-)

Hey Yan,

I loved this track, but something sounded off about the production. I'm including the judges votes below to provide the comments from Palpable and me. Please let me know if you have the time and interest that you would want to take another pass at the mixing here. If not, that's 100% fine, this mix has still passed the judges panel. I figured I'd check if you wanted to attempt to clean this up some. Please let me know either way. Love your treatment of the themes here. :-) - Larry

Hey Larry,

I'm sooooo glad you wrote to me concerning this because your absolutely right, this shouldn't pass at all imo.

Just a week after submitting it, I started to feel very uncomfortable about this mix. Even when I was working on it, I struggled with those damn drums until I finally reached the point where I thought it was ok enough.

But now I can hear the over compression in all areas where I use this specific drum. It's a package of loop based sample called "Damage" that I use to add texture and variation to the mix..

I think it "Damages" it very well. :)

It's just crowding the frequencies too much.. I'll get rid of it and try with something else..

Thank you for your feedback and for the opportunity to re-work it Larry.

I'll get back to you as soon as I can fix this.

Cheers !

Hi Larry,

Here's the resub for the remix of Batman : Flugel Rock.

Sorry it took so long to do this, I only got time to work on it this week..

I replaced the Snare/BassDrum/Bass/Lead guitar which where the main problem and boosted some high frequencies. I rewrote a couple of bars for the bass and piano and put a few tweaks here in there. The overall structure is intact though.

It's a bit crunchy in one or two places but overall I think it's a clear improvement.

I can't believe I sent you guys a mix so muddy.. it was completely drowned in mid-low end frequencies and lacked a lot of definition. I assure you it won't happen again with the future submissions.. :)

Tell me if you still think there's anything off.

Thanks again for the opportunity to fix this larry.



The pleasure was all mine. I only asked because the track was so awesome, so I'm glad you got the chance to take another pass at it! :-)

With no reservations now, YES

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