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Sam Ascher-Weiss

7 Amazing Chiptune Albums for 1 Dollar!!

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Tracer really is an amazing package of music.

The subPixel album is also quite cool, the context (both "live" and "chip" versions of the music) is lots of fun, and the music itself, energetic quirky happy warm progressive stuff (I thought) is just what I needed. Reminding me of Gentle Giant among other things.


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I've gone through these quite a bit now. I have at least a couple from each that made the iPod 'cut.'

Like others have said, Tracer is supremely listenable and The Wave is very interesting. Two god-tier albums.

Rhythm and Bits is pretty genius even if the mixing feels a little raw sometimes. That one track, Plotgrid-something, is weird and I love it. Roots has a heck of an imposing and epic sound hnnnghJEEZ. Cloudrace from fakebit is a runaway favorite. Final Blast from zeta force reminds me of my Game Gear days and it's also friggn' good. Everything from Game Genie is arranged nicely, but the purebred chip sound doesn't agree with me. I need... I need reverbs and EQs.

S-rank awarded to this bundle!!

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