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OCR01457 - *YES* Gran Turismo 'Stupid Damn Vehicle'


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this reminds me a bit of steely dan, in a good way, but I'd need to hear the original again - djp


Light tango-rock remix from the juicy 'Moon Over The Castle'.

Melody is still there but the mood is quite different...

ReMixer Info:

ReMixer name: ilp0

Real name: Ilari Nieminen

Remix Info:

game: Gran Turismo

year: 1998

publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment, inc.

song: Moon Over The Castle

composer: Masahiro Andoh

OST: Commercial, couldn't found :(

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Gran Turismo Original Game Soundtrack - 01 "Moon Over The Castle (The Theme Of GRAN TURISMO)"

Hahaha! What a good name for the track. :lol: That's a pretty damn cool genre adaptation, but it needs some work to flesh out the sounds and texture. Intro's a little too widely panned until :10, but I loved the fade-in, which was pretty pimp.

Electric guitar at 1:11 sounds really naked. I'm sure it's been done in classic rock before though, so it's not a huge hit, it's just barren and also a bit too distant-sounding. I feel like it would sound better with some effects on it. That wasn't an issue before 1:11, but the change in tone at 1:11 needs the guitar to have a little more meat on it.

Cool vibraphone (thanks, Gray) from 1:47-2:34, though maybe a little too bright. Piano briefly at 2:34 sounds way too fake and lacking in high frequencies. Last iteration of the source melody at 2:45 is pretty much the same stuff as before with some slight additions. Really could have used some significant additions or changes there to create some development/variation and keep the track going strong, as the arrangement was dragging a little bit towards the end. Maybe add more effects/processing to the lead guitar to push it over the top.

Man, this is some solid shit, and I'm gonna be pissed if this doesn't make the site down the line, cuz I want to see it there. I just can't YES it in good conscience right now, as I feel it could be refined to really trick it out and make it more expressive. Don't drop this one, Ilari; work on it a little further if this doesn't pass. Definitely keeping this.

NO (borderline/please resubmit)

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i hear a few clicks and pops. nothing too intrusive.

there's nothing wrong with the dryness of the guitars. they are well recorded, and they are clearly dry on purpose, as not all the guitars are dry. honestly after reading larry's vote i have no clue what it is he thinks is wrong with this track.

i certainly can't find anything seriously wrong with it. well arranged, well performed stuff.

very nice..


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I dig.

Creative, inventive transferring of the theme to a new setting. It sounds like you're one of those guys who follows Phish around the country in a van; the kind of guy who would trade a kidney for a chance to jam with

Trey Anastasio.

This is a good departure from a lot of what we have on OCR, and it's great that GT is gettin some luv.

I'm detecting a lot of clicks and pops in the ecording (especially the first 10 seconds). If it's possible, the ReMixer should get rid of the clipping before djp posts this. Even with the clipping I'd still approve this, but I'm kind of a zealot for live performance.

Very tasty stuff, which makes me want to go listen to A Picture of Nectar. If you're a Phish fan that's probably the highest compliment I can give you.



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I'm not so much hearing much clicking through this. It sounds loud, but nothing unenjoyable. You have the tango sound down and it's very cool to hear it with dry guitar.

As Larry said, the piece does feel empty. But I feel that it does it justice. It's not over-crowded, not trying to fill up space with redundant noises. Everything in the piece has a purpose and it all fits together well. Never even thinks about getting boring.

Very enjoyable, and well worth a pass. If there is a major issue with clicking and crackling over the track, it might be worth requesting the artist to fix that, as JJT said.

Loved the ending too, very creative.


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Solid all around. I do agree to a degree with some of larry's reservations, but ultimately I do like the arrangement, and the production values are certainly above average.

I hear the production downfalls, but it's not too bad and barely noticeable. I'm inclined to pass this without asking for a resubmit.

I thought the ending was rather bad though. Nice work overall. YES

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