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  1. I popped in and out of Unmod in my early OCR days, back when I was JigginJonT. Didn't really care when it got Sokovia'd but nice to see some familiar screen names popping up.
  2. JJT

    chrono trigger help

    You can also use the trees as cover, as I recall.
  3. You might have better luck posting this on the Audacity forums: https://forum.audacityteam.org/viewforum.php?f=62&sid=8739341d44f27dc78de8e2542967cb7c
  4. Hey OCReMix peeps, Wanted to let you know about something cool that's happening this week. I'm working on a record with Troy Baker (The Last of Us, Uncharted 4, Bioshock Infinite), and we've been streaming from the studio 4 hours a day, all week. It's been pretty cool. Basically, you get to see the process of making a studio record. We're live broadcasting the band as we do takes, make creative decisions, and get into overdubs. Troy is known as a voice actor, but he's a pretty damn good singer, and a great songwriter too. And the band is slaying. Anyway I've talked this thing up enough. We'll continue streaming every day until Sunday, 12-2 and 5-7 PST. http://twitch.tv/TheTroyBaker
  5. JJT

    ReMixer JJT on SNL

    I'm really good at the piano
  6. Hey ocremix pals. Just wanted to let you know I'll be playing SNL this week with my new gig, Father John Misty. Check it out. I'll be the guy on piano. http://jammcard.com/jon-titterington-books-father-john-misty-gig-playing-snl-and-coachella/
  7. Yo, pro multi-instrumentalist here (keys/trumpet/guitar). I think part of the problem is that you're trying to tackle a bunch of things that require different skill sets/muscle memory. The best multi-instrumentalists I know spent "seasons" learning different instruments, and if your goal is high proficiency in so many different tools, I think divide and conquer is your best bet. If you feel like tackling a bunch of different things at once, then I would try to focus on a set of instruments that are at least in the same family. For example, trumpet and flute, while vastly different, are both wind instruments, so there's some overlap there. Guitar and bass use the same fretboard, so that knowledge transfers from one to the other. If you're serious about learning drums my advice is to lock yourself in a practice room with a metronome for two years, and make that your main focus. Get a lesson every now and again, just to make sure you're not doing anything that will lead to injury down the road. Good luck!
  8. Alright, the 9/12 WIP has passed us by. Thanks to everyone who turned something in. The other project leads and myself are going to take a few days to take stock of where we're at, and decide how to move forward. Within a week we should have a more substantive update. Cheers.
  9. We are still in the process of tracking everyone down. Once we know for sure who's left the project we'll make some decisions about how to fill any open slots.
  10. Thanks for the heads up, and no worries. We get where you're coming from.
  11. If you can get us ANYTHING before the deadline you'll be good to go. Doesn't matter how bare bones it is.
  12. Everything else aside, I think we can agree that Brandon is a force of nature when it comes to these kinds of projects. No one is happy with how the last week has gone, and it sucks that he and OCR are going to part ways. That being said, we're excited to see this album get completed, and I hope that you (the remixers) all want to stay on board with us and see it through. Let me know if I can be of any help or assistance.
  13. Ella, no idea if you're still on the fringes of this community, but I just wanna say thanks again for submitting this piece. It's one of the few I remember from my time on the judges panel, because it was really, really important to me that it got passed. I wanted challenging, experimental music to have a place in this community, and this mix was such a breath of fresh air, that had an influence on my later work. All these years later, I still love it.
  14. Setting up digital licensing is pretty easy through https://loudr.fm. Something to consider if you want to try monetizing your covers.
  15. Our very own Shael Riley released his music/ear-training game today. I've enjoyed it quite a bit. Check out STRING THEORY here.
  16. Highlights: Kylo being a tryhard (probably my favorite choice the filmmakers made) Han landing a few more one-liners before exiting the saga Seeing the inside of a TIE fighter(!) Having the major themes of the original trilogy explored a little further (this annoyed some people, but not me) The joy of anticipation. It's been a long time since I've watched a tentpole movie and actually been hungry for more. I'm so pumped to see what Rian Johnson does with the next film. Lowlights: Who cares? This film has flaws. So do all the others (except Empire IMO, but there are still people who hate that movie). Expecting perfection from a subjective medium is a recipe for unhappiness. I thought Episode 7 was great.
  17. Even though I've already posted in this thread, I still initially read the title as "Yes! Bassist Chris Squire passes away"
  18. Pretty devastating. His bass tone captured my imagination as a kid.
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