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Bass Guitar Recommendations.

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I can't believe i'm about to recommend an Ibanez but you might want to check this one out.



Might just be what you are looking for.

Can't go wrong with a Fender Jazz either.

What styles of music were you looking to do?

Oh and I saw what you did thar with your post. :)

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A Fender Jazz bass is all you really need unless you have specific needs (number of frets, neck scale). Everyone needs at least one Fender Jazz or Precision bass.

You know normally I'd just be a butt and disagree but...

I agree with Snapple, those sounds are like Critical.

However if you get a Music Man by Ernie Ball (or the OLP equivalent) you can approximate a fender Jazz sound pretttyyy well.

Though I will say the Precision tone can be found in like every single bass ever on the market ever. :|

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While a bit out of your price range (not by much), I always suggest Carvin. I've been playing a Carvin bass for about 20 years and it has never done me wrong. They make versatile instruments that you can custom to your specifications. I personally find them a lot more comfortable to play than a Fender but that's a personal thing.

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Yeah a Fender bass is a solid choice for anyone.

I would however say that the Ibanez SR series posted above are incredibly easy to play. I'm terrible at bass, but they feel really familiar to me as a guitarist.

I played the SR600 in a store and was pretty impressed with it. Currently it's at the top of the list for my future music related purchases.

I just wish they would change the "Slim & Fast" marketing BS. The slim I get but the fast? Not unless you lube up the back of the neck and the strings, and quite frankly i don't have the time to give an oriental massage to my basses every time i play. :-P

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Personally, I'm not a fan of Ibanez basses. I swear by Music Man. The Music Man Sterling that I have is a dream to play.

Here's a couple examples of me playing it...



And here's a video of Prince of Darkness giving it a review ...

I found mine used. I love buying used gear since it has been worn in already and you can get something better in a lower price range.

The music man will be a bit higher than your current price range. However, I think they are well worth it.

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