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OCRO-0005 - Impulse Original Soundtrack (12 Followers/Meteo Xavier)


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Impulse Original Soundtrack (12 Followers/Meteo Xavier) [OCRO-0005]

Impulse by Deck16 compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and "(hopefully) 8."

Meteo Xavier - Main composition, arrangement, mixing, artwork, remixing work on track 10

Cyril the Wolf (Connor Pelkey) - Mastering engineer

Jackson Lawhead - MIDI/guitar and additional composition on track 7

Brian Ali - Track 10 remix

Neblix (Nabeel Ansari) - Track 11 arrangement

Contact: meteo.xavier@gmail.com

• Soundtrack: http://ocremix.org/album/40/impulse-original-soundtrack-12-followersmeteo-xavier

• Homepage: http://deck16.net/impulse

• WATCH the trailer: http://youtu.be/7i7RM-xtRw8

Impulse is a spaceshooter/puzzle that developer Deck16 describes as a cross between Super Meat Boy and Lunar Lander and N+ and Asteroids. It is a simple, freeware game where you push a craft toward the end goal while dodging a variety of enemies, obstacles and level designs that resemble mini-golf courses.

This is a game based on the old-school premise of computer gaming -- basic design with very flexible results. The goal remains the same, but the levels are incredibly different with various degrees of gravity and either limited or limitless fuel adding to the conflict -- nothing is quite the same from level to level and there are many of them to push through. You might be trying to navigating anything from a tunnel to a giant vector maze, or an optical illusion to the labyrinth from Pac-Man, or even a battleship to the game title itself.

A simple premise with extreme variety is the name of the game with Impulse and it's free to play with a level editor to make your own.


01 President Obama Is a Juggalo [5:50]

02 Zin Kibaru's Guitar [5:22]

03 Elemental Fog [5:11]

04 Impulse Prime... Ribs [4:37]

05 Sandsea Sanskrit [4:56]

06 d('-')m('-')m^('-')^w('-')w('-')P [4:19]

07 When You Find a Stranger in the Alps [5:35]

• Featuring Jackson Lawhead

08 A Shrine for My Mind [3:49]

09 Combustion (Project A-ok) [4:24]

10 Reprise [3:32]

• Remix by Brian Ali of track 1, "President Obama Is a Juggalo"

11 Strange Rock in the Heavens [3:31]

• Arrangement by Neblix of tracks 7 & 3, "When You Find a Stranger in the Alps" & "Elemental Fog"

Composers' comments:

soundtrack started in February 2012 when I responded to a post on Gamedev.net. The game itself was a free-range development deal where composers could contribute tracks as they wanted and I volunteered to contribute 9 tracks. I haven't gotten to work on a spacey-puzzle game like this before and I'm still extremely excited I got to. This meant I could experiment with very different textures, structures, and all kinds of fun stuff I could practice where I couldn't before. This is the first production I've ever done where I had full artistic freedom, could use all my highest-quality sets, and make no compromises for sound quality. No excuses this time around, it was time to really step up to the plate and show what I could do.

1. "President Obama Is a Juggalo"

I've wanted to do a choir/filter intro for a track for some time and I got a good use out of for this track. This song was quite difficult and took me a week to arrange and set up properly - that weird z3ta+ lead took 3 DAYS to look for before I settled on it for a lead. There were issues here with volume and other automation being difficult, but I was not content to let it be this time. VERY difficult track, but worth it in my opinion.

2. "Zin Kibaru's Guitar"

At least 1/3 of this production was inspired by Silent Hill's trip hop styles and I wanted it represented here. That guitar thing is an Absynth preset and I found it wouldn't really change chords, so I had to get creative. I wanted to use a violin for the lead against the dirty instrumentation and Kompakt's electric piano for the chords. The fade out to a more Chrono Cross sounding ethereal vibe was not intentional, but that's where it went and I'm glad I got to use the strings to add some emotional depth there. This track also took a week to do.

3. "Elemental Fog"

A complete surprise, I wanted at least one track that sounded like something from Silent Hill 3, but that track wasn't working out. Then I found myself experimenting more with an open-hi-hat trick from one of zircon's videos, then 5 hours later I had this track. I think it worked out much better for what I was trying to do with it. My only regret here is I wasn't able to variate the beat, because by the time I was working on this one, I was running out of time to complete and as repetitive as it is, it also worked OK.

4. "Impulse Prime... Ribs"

This was the first track I started and was heavily and deliberately inspired by zircon's early work (the title gives it away). This was one of those rare tracks that I was able to complete in an afternoon. This is also the first track I wanted to experiment with FL Studio's Love Philter and some automation I hadn't tried before. This is one of my favorite tracks on the OST.

5. "Sandsea Sanskrit"

I started this track right after "
Prime... Ribs" and it started out when I tried experimenting with an Absynth 5 preset I found with a Kontakt 4 drumloop. Then I added Stormdrum 2 and as many weird effects and finally a sitar from Ra. This is the most experimental track I've ever done and fulfills my dream of doing a psychedelic desert-sounding track. Also only took an afternoon to do.

6. "d('-')m('-')m^('-')^w('-')w('-')P"

Full disclosure - this track started out as a remix for the SD3 project, but I wasn't able to get it off the ground. Then I needed one more interesting track for this OST when I was about out of time and this is what I had left. I had trouble modifying the lead French Horn melody to be different than the games' melody because nothing else seemed to fit it, but eventually I was able to get it differentiated. The African rhythms are not loops and for that I am proud, but I wish I had more time to work on this track. Oh well, it's still not bad for what it is.

7. "When You Find a Stranger in the Alps"

This is my favorite track and starts the last 1/3 of the OST into retro-sounding, melodic and energetic tracks. I've been wanting to combine older drum machine samples with a Fairlight Voice for some time and I finally got to do the synth work I always wanted on here. I also wanted to get my brother, Jackson, to play his guitar on this track and get his first game credit - unfortunately, we were not able to record his guitar tone straight up for some frustrating reason and, through both of our efforts, we were able to get him represented as a lead pan flute (M1, straight outta Cusco) and a bent saw lead. The nearly 40 second solo piece before the breakdown is all Jackson.

8. "A Shrine for My Mind"

This was the hardest track and took 2 weeks to do. I had no idea what I was doing here and the single loop version alone was already almost 4 minutes. This track was going nowhere until I added the Speak & Spell samples, then all of a sudden it got me jazzed up on it and I was able to finish it within a couple days after that. I have no shame that I used basic FL Studio drum samples here. This is the only song that does not loop because an 8:30 minute song with only 4 minutes of content is just asinine.

9. "Combustion (Project A-ok)"

The last track for the album and was obviously inspired by Project A-ko's "Explosion" track. I wasn't sure what would fit as an unofficial ending theme until I decided to give it a go with something like "Explosion." I FINALLY kinda learned how to do portamento slides here, so I used them very liberally. Took me about 4 days to do this track, which was a nice change of pace of progress either moving slowly or very fast.

Instrumentation used:

Zebra 2, z3ta+, FM8, Absynth 5, Kompakt, Kontakt 4, Smoker's Delight, Battery 3, Massive, EWQLSO, EWQLSO Choir, Ra, Stormdrum 2, Synth 1, Voices of Passion, Soundfonts, FL Studio 9

Special Thanks to:

zircon, Rozovian, Nutritious, Liontamer, Ghetto Lee Lewis, my wife Ge'ne, Brainstorm Cafe, Brian Ali, Neblix, djpretzel, Josh Coburn, WillRock, and everyone else who supported me as I developed this album.

12 Followers/Meteo Xavier

12 Followers/Meteo Xavier

• Homepage: http://meteoxavier.com

• OC ReMix: http://ocremix.org/artist/4799/meteo-xavier

• Facebook: http://facebook.com/meteoxavier

• YouTube: http://youtube.com/meteoxavier


• Homepage: http://deck16.net

• Twitter: http://twitter.com/d16_nichevo

• YouTube: http://youtube.com/d16nichevo


• Homepage: http://deck16.net/impulse

• Complete Soundtrack: http://deck16.net/impulse#Music

••• Music by Nebyoolae (Michael Chadwick), Shawn Crawford, Hagen & Coldfingers (Jon Gershagen & Anders JG), Kyer Kahn, Rob Northcott, Shrack (Daniel Swearengin), 12 Followers/Meteo Xavier, Jackson Lawhead, and Nabeel "Neblix" Ansari

• WATCH the trailer:


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Took a listen trough. An albumful of fairly enjoyable electronica. I haven't tried the game yet but judging by the trailer (to see what kind of a game it is), I would guess it works well for the game and enhances the experience quite a bit. Seems like a solid (partial) soundtrack throughout. Good work! Cool remixes as well.

I always enjoy seeing original soundtrack releases, and I'm glad to see OCR also takes on freeware OSTs. It's also very cool to do the OST release + ReMix post thing.


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