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Broken old /remixer/ links

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Many remix publication pages contain broken links. This is understandable since the site has been reorganized several times, and redirects have been put in to try and fix some stuff. However, I notice that /remixer/ redirects are hit-and-miss, particularly for artists whose urlnames have changed. Take which links to . That redirect's busted. I tried visiting djpretzel's artist profile and staring at him, but that didn't fix anything. So I'm posting here instead.

How should we fix this? (Should we fix it at all?) One option is to spider all the publication pages to check for broken links and fix those within our power to fix; I'm sure that can be automated to some degree. Another is to make the /remixer/ redirects smarter, which is good because that'll restore external links into OCR which used to work.

Perhaps we do both. Spider the pages for the purpose of collecting common-but-bad URLs, add their corrections to the redirect database, and update the pages to not actually rely on the redirect.

/remixer/ could be smart enough to search the artist name/urlname/aka database and redirect if unambiguous. For bonus points, in case of ambiguity instead redirect to the search page.

Yeah I know it looks like I'm spamming this thread, but lately I've been doing some intense OCR listening and studying, reading submission comments and checking up on history, so I'm putting the site through its paces. I figure I ought to report stuff as I find it.

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Another thing... links to the Doom torrent using the old link ( Might want to make /files/ redirect to /torrents/ since the right link is .

Those should be fixed, and the first one was just a link typo that needed to be corrected. If you catch other things, feel free to let me know, sure. :-)

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