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Shadow Warrior - "Wang. You want?" (Everybody OFF!!!)


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Remix: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/4556435/wang_you_want.mp3


Previous version: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/4556435/wang_you_want_old.mp3

This is a remix I originally did about a year ago, but never got around posting it all the way to the judges. Thought I might give it another spin now.

The original Shadow Warrior soundtrack is pretty much pseudo-asian ambient, Everybody OFF!!! included, so I expanded that concept and worked in the beats, bigger percussions and more realistic oriental instruments. The result is this sort of dubstep-ish thing. "Shanghai step", I call it. :<

I'm marking this as "finished" (because it pretty much is IMO), but maybe someone could lend me a fresh pair of ears and tell me if there are some areas that still need improving before I label it for mod-review and forward it to judging. It would be much appreciated. :)

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Damn this sounds like "stalker". No coincidence, but still...

My guess is this is too similar to the original to make it past the panel. It sounds really good, though! Could easily have been part of the Shogun 2 TW OST, at least until the 2:30 mark. The drums that come in after that sound really generic/MIDI and flat. If dubstep is what you were aiming for, something punchier would have been nice, and would have fit much better with that mean sync lead thing you got going there (which is also very nice). The drum sequencing itself is ok, but the samples and processing aren't.

tl;dr: orchestral parts are excellent, drums need more beef. Arrangement likely too conservative.

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I did some more work and added some details to the string instruments at the beginning and mid-break of the track. In addition I tweaked the drums a bit, made the mid-break a bit longer and switched some parts to different synths. Link to the new version is at the first post.

However, I'm not entirely comfortable to manicure the structure with an axe at this point, so I'm going to hazard a mod review and try to get more feedback that way.

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Well I LOVE this. Really unique soundscape, and the dubstep bass is just right. I do agree about the drums, the samples aren't bad but they don't seem to match the other instrumentation. They seem too electronic somehow, especially that snare (too much fuzz and not enough whack), and there is quite a contrast, especially against those cinematic drums in other parts of the song. I would try something a bit more organic for kick and snare, something more snappy for the snare for sure, something epic to balance out against the cinematic stuff. I'd like to hear a tight snare with a good solid whack to it, with some great delay on it.

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Timing problems in the lead in the slower parts. Interestingly, while those parts are too human, the velocities aren't human enough. World drums could use a shorter envelope or just less lows, especially if (tho I can't hear it over the dubstep) they're in the dubstep parts as well. Shanghai step, huh? :D

The dynamics of the track are pretty spectacular. Source is there. Oh great, a voice clip.


~ Overcompressed (pumping/no dynamics) - I might be hearing some compression problems i nthe world drums, not sure

- Mixing is muddy (eg. too many sounds in the same range) - leads drown during the dubstep parts

PERFORMANCE (live recorded audio/MIDI parts)

- Timing not tight enough - intro

I think it kicks ass, and would get posted. Unless I'm missing something, it's ocr material with or without the suggested edits. Nice work. :D

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This sounds really good! I think this should be ready for the panel, and whatever critique I can offer is probably just nitpicking, but here it goes anyway:

- Dubsteppy parts could be more in-your-face dubsteppy. The bass can definitely afford to be more overpowering and distorted. If you go that route, you will have to simplify the arrangement in those parts a little, and have less, but more pronounced instruments. Drums can also be more powerful, especially the snares.

- The humanized sequencing produces mixed results, some cool, and some awkward. Maybe play around with it some more to make the timing more natural. Also agree with Rozo on this point regarding velocities. Actually, some judges might pick on these issues, not sure if it will be a deal breaker, probably not, but still would be nice if this sounded better.

In any case - thumbs up!

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I agree, raise the lead during the dubstep part or lower the wub volume just enough. Make the snare way more powerful. The one you have right now is weak compared to all the other stuff, and could probably be used as a filler snare between patterns if you add another similar snare layered on top.

I don't really hear any overcompression on the world perc, but I agree about the slight muddiness and do hear a little low end cluttering when that's playing.

The dubstep wobbles could be more impressive. They're nice, but they're not blow-me-out-of-my-chair awesome. Maybe you can find some inspiration from zircon's track, "Nuclear Dubstep", which can be found on soundcloud on the account isworks.

Aside from that, pretty freakin' fantastic track.

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