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FL Studio projects damaged


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Here's the sequence of events:

1. Upgrade to Win8

2. Re-install FL10

3. Re-install plugins in different hard drives

4. Open old projects made in FL9

These project files say my plugins aren't installed. The plugins load fine on their own. I have no way of fixing this if the plugins don't properly open when the project file is first opened. Totally stumped.

Thanks for any ideas.

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The FL9 projects are looking for the plugins in a certain path which you changed.

1. Move the plugins back to the previous path (sounds like you moved them for a good reason, though).

2. Install a copy of the plugins in question into their previous path. Use to open the FL9 projects, save settings/multis/.fst's, replace the plugins with new instances in the new paths for future use, call up saved settings/multis/.fst's, delete old-path plugins. (unless you *want* two copies of those plugins on your machine)

3. Or, when your FL9 project boots up, load up a new instance of those plugins where the old ones were. The bummer is that your settings/multis/.fst's won't be saved.

For Kontakt stuff, you'll just have to point the plugin to wherever you moved your libraries to. If you have Omnisphere and the STEAM folder, well, all bets are off there...

Good luck!

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