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OCR02779 - *YES* Pokémon Crystal Version & Pokémon Diamond Version 'Secretive Terrors'

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Hey guys, TGH here, long time no submission ;|

Games remixed: Pokemon Crystal and Pokemon Diamond

Songs remixed: "Rocket Hideout":


) and "Generic Legendary"



Remix Name: "Secretive Terrors"

So yeah. I don't know if any of you are really familiar with some of

these ridiculously pointless electronic subgenres that just go way

over the frickin' line...but this is Neurofunk.

Funny how this remix came about, really...it basically commenced from

me screwing around with some kicks, spamming them at ridiculously high

speeds and making solid basses out of them. The scrunching bass you

hear here is the result of that. Plus pitch automation. Plus a ton

of post-processing.

And it was initially supposed to be an original track as well. I

showed it to my friend Voracious (a.k.a. EmuZSNES (NOT EMUNATOR,

WILL)) and he said the first WIP reminded him a lot of the Rocket

Hideout theme from G/S/C. I then proceeded to transform my song into

a remix of that theme, and threw in D/P/Pl Legendary theme for the

hell of it.

I had a lot of fun making some of the sounds for this. The atmosphere

you hear in between the busy sections is a combination of me making

the most ridiculous sound I could possibly make upon the hit of one

note in my pianoroll, and a texture sound from Nexus 2.

The source usage in the mix is fairly straightforward.

Hope you guys enjoy :D

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Thought both of these sources were pretty bleh, but you did an awesome job working with them. Love the anxiety of the entire mix, and as usual your sound choices really reflect your ideas well. Great use of the muffled effect at 1:07 as a transitional device. If I were to nitpick, I'd say that the drums did feel a bit on autopilot, and you could have worked them to a bit more into the mix, but it's a pretty small complaint.

Way to take some sources that not many would touch and bring them into a new light!


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First thing's first. LOUD. :lol:

Moving on, I needed at least 125.5 seconds of source tune usage to qualify on arrangement. Stopwatch time:

"Rocket Hideout" - :10.75-:22, :33.25-:44, :46-:54, :55.5-:58.5, :59.5-1:04, 1:06.5-1:15, 2:30.5-2:36, 2:58.5-3:19, 3:20.5-3:23.5, 3:25-3:29, 3:31.75-3:33.5, 3:34.5-3:36, 3:37-3:38.5

"Generic Legendary" - 1:17.75-1:51, 1:57-2:02.5, 2:08-2:13.75

128.25 seconds or 51.1% source usage, though I could have missed something. The arrangement certainly doesn't come across as very liberal; there just happened to be some large pockets where no source material was in play.

As far as the arrangement, Palpable nailed it, i.e. you did a lot with a little, and I also really loved the intensity and detail work here. The way you traded off between different part-writing from 'Rocket Hideout" was pretty sweet for those of us that enjoy comparing OC ReMixes to source tunes.

Just touching on one of DragonAvenger's crits, I didn't notice any meaningful issue with the beats and felt the groove here was tight and fast-paced throughout.

If you folks want some beefy music, this serves it right up with plenty of A1 sauce. Great work, Jamison!


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