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Kirby's Dream Land - King Dedede's Theme (Dubstep Remix)


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I've been a fan of King Dedede's music from the Kirby series for a long time - here's what I came up with when I decided to remix it:


Big thanks to DJ Cutman for mastering it, GameChops for releasing it, and Jun Ishikawa for composing the original tune way back in 1992.

Thanks for listening!

- Mykah

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The section that started after about 1:22 sounds pretty good, I think the design on the instruments could use some tightening up to make the track feel more connected. A lot of it sounds like the bassline and the melody aren't joined together.

The part at about 2:20 sounds very cohesive, nice use of sub bass to bring it together. After that the song is pretty good, I just think your main working point should be making the sounds build off of each other a bit more.

Great job overall :D

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