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TMNT - Sewer Surfin' - Electro House thing?


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Absolutely fricken love the melody! However, couple things that are bumming me out at the moment.

Take for example 0:49, the lead synth pulls through fairly sharp and feels overpowering. Possibly tone down the volume a tad at this point?

As said above, the lead synth sounds fairly sharp. Sounds great but it does hurt the ears a tad.

Bass also feels like it's lacking a bit in the mix. The pump is there from the kick, but the bass feels like it's not following behind. Kinda tough to explain.

Either way, great work and I'm looking forward to the final mix!

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0:14 is a drastic jump in energy with the lead coming in. Everything before that would be a good time to create some sort of a build-up to build the anticipation better. Maybe some ambient swooshes or simple bassline to draw in the listener. I'm also not hearing much of a bass instrument to begin with.

The section between 1:23 and 1:37 sounds too much like the section before the break. A change in the lead instrument or an accompanying melody would be nice to make it sound more like you're in the "meat" of the track.

Overall this sounds clean and well thought-out in arranging the melody. Just need some those extras here and there to make it flow better.

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