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Pokemon Gym Leader Battle Theme Remix


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Hey Koen! Great work! I'm no musical expert, but I'd love to give my input on your remix!

First off, I REALLY like your vibe and direction of the piece. I clearly see what you're going for, and the beat and sounds really mesh well together.

The only things that really stuck out to me were:

1. The lower string/synth sound you use in the beginning, starting at around 0:04 sounded really lacking and unrefined. I think since the it's playing by itself mostly, all the concentration is on it, and I think it could sound fuller and a bit more realistic if at all possible.

2. This one is completely just my opinion, but I would love to hear the background parts be much fuller and a more prominent component to the piece. The main melody is great, and I think the background should be supporting the main part more and be less of just background noise.

Again, I'm just a guy that loves music, so take my opinion with a grain of salt. Great work though!

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Good afternoon everyone!

It's been a long time between visits. I thought I'd break my sojourn ice with a Prog Rock Pokemon remix I put together a couple of months ago.


Any constructive feedback is greatly appreciated!



Seems like a straight MIDI remix with some C+P and original drum programming to my ears. :|

The dynamic lead synth in the beginning sounds like a low octave sync lead to me. Sounds pretty good, but slightly dry. Might also need some high passing around 100Hz to leave room for the pluck bass to play.

0:22 - when the drums came in, the cymbals seemed over compressed to me and they're probably hitting the hard knee limiter too hard. Make sure your drums are routed to a good quality compressor. Density MKIII might do the job with its M/S drums preset.

Sounds somewhat muddy too, so make sure your EQs aren't clashing.

1:48 got interesting, but then the delay drums at 1:56 (the ones that sound stretched/slowed down, low passed, and heavy on the reverb) just don't work. Might be the sound you wanted to go for, but it doesn't sound all that great, personally. :| I think from there, you finally add some actual personalization to the remix, though. Try to do more than just that type of personalization! Make the pre-1:48 sections more personalized!

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Yeah, arrangement sounds pretty conservative. It's hard to do something in a similar style and keep it from being too conservative, arrangement-wise. Something this close would need to be really personalized and excellent performance-wise to make it onto the site.

Way too bassy and/or too loud overall. Not particularly dynamic, you've got drums on full through most of the track. Compression problems noticeable in the highs. SOmewhat muddy and messy in the lows/mids, especially when you have plenty of lead-type sounds, like around 1:00.

It does have some nice drum writing and a decent sound design. The break around 1:50 is really cool. This is a pretty good starting point for a new arrangement, but it's too close for ocr atm.


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