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RWS 1-F ReMixing With the Stars: Season 1 Finale: "Touched by a Star"

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  1. First Place: "Hair in the Wind (Bang Your Head)" by Kuolema, with 18 points.
  2. Second Place: "A Song to Heal All Ills" by Cash and Change, with 14 points.
  3. Third Place: "Borrowing Danimal's Cannon" by Tuberz McGee, with 12 points.
  4. Fourth Place: "Sweet Dreams" by Final Kingdom, with 8 points.
  5. Fifth Place (tie): "Run Boy Run" by Esperado, with 7 points.
  6. Fifth Place (tie): "The Eye of Crystal" by The Eluryahn, with 7 points.

Although there wasn't a lot of consistency in the voting, nearly all the voters ranked Kuolema, who in my opinion nailed every criterion: personal improvement, adherence to the theme, and making a just plain great mix. But everyone got at least some votes, and everyone submitted something they should be proud of.

Next season will open up in a few minutes. I probably can't mention in too many places that the deadlines for all phases will be moved to a new time: 10:00 PM PDT, still Wednesdays but 10 hours later than this season.

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im proud of my double second place for the season. much much better than i ever would have expected, especially for the mirrors edge track, i submitted it feeling like i had learned something, but that the track was still garbage XD

what are the overall places for the entire season ?

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Ok, I crunched some numbers. I have two sets of statistics: The percentage of votes each participant earned each round, multiplied by the number of participants in each round and averaged across all rounds in which they participated, and also the total number of competitors each participant outranked in each round. So the first is a measure of effectiveness on a per-round basis, while the second is a measure of overall productivity and kick-assery. Numbers below are rounded.

On the average effectiveness index, HeavenWraith is the winner among Novices, having participated in, and won, only one round, and by a significant margin: he earned 35% of the votes, out of 5 participants, for a rating of 1.76. Daffydd came just behind, with a rating of 1.73. But for consistency, Kuolema takes the cake, with 4 entries and an average of 26% of the votes across all 4, for a total rating of 1.38.

Among the Stars, SnappleMan has the highest index (1.36), having guided Cash and Change to a respectable tie for second in the one round he participated. Sir_NutS technically comes in second, but it's mainly due to Dafydd's sweeping victory in episode 1, in which Dafydd said that he never got a chance to implement Sir_NutS's suggestions. So the consistency award goes to wildfire, who maintained a rating of 1.28 over her 3 rounds.

On the total "victories" index, Kuolema came up atop the Novices' dogpile, with 14 opponents defeated over the course of the season, just edging out Tuberz McGee at 13. Honorable mention goes to Cash and Change, for defeating 10 1/2 opponents (one was a tie) by not missing a single episode of the season!

This ranking was a close race among the Stars, with wildfire leading her students to victory over 9 1/2 opponents over her 3 rounds, and never ranking lower than second place. Flexstyle also participated in 3 rounds but was one tie less effective overall, with just 9 opponents beaten; ectogemia ran the same total over his 5 rounds, the most of any Star.

		Kuolema	urdailywater	Tuberz McGee	Cash and Change	ladyWildfire	AlmightyArceus	ProjectSpam	shadow24	Trism	Dafydd	The Eluryahn	The RexAsaurous	HeavenWraith	Esperado	Final Kingdom	Anorax
Average Rating 1.38 1.30 1.01 0.81 1.26 1.00 0.54 0.65 0.85 1.73 0.85 1.13 1.76 1.06 0.50 1.43
Total Defeated 14 5 13 10.5 4 2 0 3 3.5 5 7 2 4 7 2 4

Sir_NutS Flexstyle Jason Covenant DusK TheGuitahHeroe Rozovian ectogemia Gario wildfire urdailywater Dafydd hakstock SnappleMan Argle Syllix pu_freak
Average Rating 1.328 0.999 1.111 0.908 1.259 0.748 0.932 1.243 1.282 0.533 1.133 0.966 1.364 0.636 1.190 0.595
Total Defeated 6 9 3 8 4 4 9 3.5 9.5 0 2 5.5 3.5 1 3 0

Thanks again to everyone who participated, especially the Stars who were so generous with their time! A special shout out to ectogemia and DusK, each with us for over half the season. Altogether 16 Stars helped out our 16 Novices (although Dafydd and wildfire participated in both categories). Let's make the next season even better!

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