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Daft Punk - Random Access Memories (new album)

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Now that I've had some time, I'm disappointed. But "Give Life Back to Music," "Lose Yourself to Dance," and "Get Lucky" are my jams.

I also don't like their first album and I'm gonna go back and listen to "Human After All" again because I think I'll appreciate that more now (do love tracks on there, though).

REALLY looking forward to the remixes of this album. I think it's going to unleash all hellfire and I bet I'll really dig that.

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I'm loving this album, perhaps not every song. I'm not too hot on "The Game of Love" or "Instant Crush", but they're certainly not bad songs by any stretch.

My favorites so far are "Give Life Back to Music", "Within", "Lose Yourself to Dance", "Get Lucky", and "Doin' it Right".

RAM is obviously different than Daft Punk's previous albums, but to me it's a welcome change. Don't get me wrong, their past albums are great, I just like when artists try new things. In this case I think it pays off.

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It's funny that you mention The Outsider, because I like a lot of DJ Shadow's stuff, including The Outsider, but it's not the same type of "like."

Well, I brought up The Outsider as a classic example of how heavy use of collaborators can severely fragmentate an album. After listening a few more times, I feel this was not the case with RAM. In The Outsider it just seems like the guests came to DJ Shadow with their ideas, and he basically produced those ideas into songs. In RAM it's clear that Daft Punk had rough drafts in place, and that they invited the collaborators to augment those ideas. To me, that's the key difference between a collab-heavy record that feels consistent, and one that's a mess.

Oh, and I'm not hating on DJ Shadow or anything, heheh. Wreckage by Overseer is another example of the fragmentation I'm talking about.

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