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OCR02750 - *YES* Kirby 64 'Tough It Out!'

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Original decision: http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=42478

ReMix: Tough It Out! (v2.0)


ReMixer name: DaMonz

Real name: Emery Monzerol

userid: 31308

ReMixer name: Trainbeat

Real name: Sébastien Dufour

userid: (none)


Name of the games arranged: Kriby 64: The Crystal Shards

Name of the arrangement: Tough It Out!

Name of the individual songs arranged: Zero-Two

Link to original: http://youtu.be/BwpLSiplyYc

Comments: Thanks for pointing out the problems in my previous version! I'm pretty certain I fixed my transitions throughout the track (well, they're at least much better now!) I'll make sure I never automate the master volume like this from now on :D

I also slightly boosted the kick's body and tweaked the guitar's EQ to make it less annoying to the ear. I also tweaked a few minor parts of the arrangement to make it slightly more interesting.

Thanks again for your awesome work, I'm loving the feedback! :) I hope you like my new version!

Edited by djpretzel
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I needed more than 142.5 seconds of overt source usage for the source material to be dominant. I had a quick breakdown of the melodic elements I heard used.

:23-:26.5, :53-2:26.5, 2:34-2:47, 3:03.75-3:33, 4:08.5-4:20 = 150.75 seconds or 52.9% source usage.

That also doesn't count the backing beat which was rhythmically similar to the source and constantly in play, and would have put me over the top if the most obvious stuff fell below.

Why's the encoding at 160kbps? Step it up to at least 192kbps or VBR1 if you still have the source files or WAV.

Interesting intro. The beat brought in at :54 felt a little bland but only if it wasn't ever going to be altered, which ultimately wasn't the case. The lead synth handling the melody was a little flat to me, but it was a very small detail and it still served the piece well. Same small criticism with the lead at 1:35; it could be more about how they were mixed a bit quietly within the soundscape.

Nice stutter from 1:54-1:57 to then transition into a bit more energy, followed by the rhythmic changes in the beats at 2:07, both great ideas to help the track evolve rather than get plodding.

The electric guitar at 3:01, which was performed solidly, was another element mixed to sound rather distant, which wasn't a big deal but could have been tweaked.

That said, I liked the constant instrumental variations from 1:54-on that provided a lot of development even while maintaining the tempo. What's here is very strong on the arrangement side, and y'all did a great job tightening it up. Excellent collab, guys!


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Great energy from this track, guys. This style feels like classic OCR to me - in a good way for sure.

In this style, it's easy to fall into the trap of repetativeness, but you do a good job mixing things up throughout to keep it interesting. Good idea transitioning to half time at 2:08 to break things up a bit.

Nice performance on the guitar lead. Would've like to hear it more prominently featured in the soundscape, but it works here.

Nice work guys, solid mix.


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Wow. Frenetic. I thought the intro was cool, but way too long. It could really be thirty seconds rather than a minute. I understand editing is a really difficult process when you've created something you love. It's certainly a problem I have myself.

The mixing is very crisp, perhaps a tiny bit harsh, but not really a problem. I love the energy of the track. If I have a criticism of the arrangement it's that it's a bit repetitive and relies too much on production candy like filter sweeps and glitch edits to keep the listener's interest.

That said, I think my criticisms don't really bring down the track very much as a whole.

Very enjoyable.


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the synths in this definitely had that old-school OCR kind of sound, but they sounded nice. once the leads dropped in things started sounding pretty modern. nice guitar performance later in the track, and a lovely ending. reminiscent of both WillRock and TGH's work, but you certainly have your own mojo about you. really nice work, extremely solid and passable mix you guys have here.


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