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Help a newbie out?

I recently did a screencap and wasn't paying attention to the music that was playing. When I went back and reviewed it, I realized that I really liked the song! However, I only have a 30 second clip and wasn't able to figure out which song was playing. I narrowed it down as well as I could, but wasn't successful, and I can't really check every OCR song I have because, well, I have 2600 of them...

I was thinking of posting the screencap here in hopes that someone recognizes it. Can someone tell me in which forum should I post such a request?


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I see there has been no response after 7 years. I would also like to know where song identification questions should be posted. (Like the OP, I have a clip of the music that can be shared to assist.)

Which forum/topic/thread should we discuss song identification?

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Wow. A reply from DarkeSword himself. Thank you!

(I don't want to fan-boy it up too much here... but earlier this morning I happened to be listening to the DarkeSword playlist I made that has all your OC Remix tunes. I made a bunch of these that feature many of the artists on OC Remix that I really enjoyed. Yours I have not listened to in some time, and listening to all your songs again was just so pleasant and relaxing.)

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