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PROMO Opportunity - Short Animation


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Hey OCR, I'm a motion graphics artist in training and I'm looking to fill up my portfolio before I graduate at the end of the year. I'm looking for people who need their business or service explained to an audience.

I'm hoping to create a video up to 3 minutes in length free of charge for ONE client. A bonus to finding someone on a music site is that I also need a voiceover and background music. If a voiceover can't be provided, a very minimal charge to have one professionally produced may need to be discussed. However, background music is something I can work out myself if necessary.

An example of my past promo work can be seen here: https://vimeo.com/65746093

An example of the style I'm going to produce can be seen here: https://vimeo.com/53419964

So I'm looking to create something snappy, quick, and eye-catching in contrast to my past work.

If you're interested, please PM me through the forums or email me at zlong1(at)kent.edu. If you have questions feel free to post them here or catch me on Skype (exobyte28)


EDIT: I'm extending the available types of work I'm willing to do because I found a client elsewhere (yay!) So not just "explainer" types of animations are available but also creative/wacky promos for new albums or other such products and brands. Basically I'm willing to do something less straight-edge if desired, any style goes!

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LOVE to work with you on this! Got over a decade of big studio experience, and am making the transition to commercial projects and games. Check out some recent work at www.mediaeaters.com and let me know if you still need help.


Wow dude, that is some great work!! I think you're definitely ahead of me with the Mograph stuff and it's exciting to see other people's techniques. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks everyone, you're all in my contacts. I did find someone to work with on a promo, but I'll obviously want more projects when this one's done. Stay classy OCR.

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