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Techno(ish) music. Am I doung it right?

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So I've been a lurker here for a while and I've considered dabbling in a Remix or two when I get the time.

Anyway, a friend of mine wants me to compose a short techno piece (1-2mins) for the end of his YouTube videos. I'm personally not into techno (I don't hate, it's just not my thing), but he told me he wanted a "trance" type of beat with a fairly subtle lead.

I have no idea what "trance" is, but this was one of the beats in the "trance" bank of my arpeggiators and stuff lol.


Lead comes at around 1:00

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That's very helpful. I'm not great at mixing more than a few tracks. Most of the work I do for other people doesn't require much mixing, and when it does, it's usually getting mixed by someone else. I did some work very recently for a friend's band. They wanted to have some strings added to a few songs for their album.

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Track sounds quite nice. Maybe some additional drum elements could be brought in around 0:56 or so. Wow, that video is amazing, too. Love those pictures!

Lol, I just threw some stuff together on the video and synced it with the keyboard sweeps. Thanks tho :)

Anyway, the guy who wanted it likes it, he just thinks it's a bit too long, he said he wanted it around a minute, I guess I just misunderstood him lol.

I suppose the appropriate course of action would be to start just before the lead comes in.

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