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Contemplator - Instrumental Progressive Metal


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Been a while since I've been active here, so HEYA, was making remixes a few years ago around here and on VGMix (sadface), but I've been honestly pretty out of touch with the community lately.

Just released my album last week; finally got to release an album of original material. It blends pretty much all my influences together - it's metal, it does get a bit over the top at some points, I haven't made any compromise to try to be accessible or easy to listen to. There is some VGM influence in there, of course :)

So, please have a listen if that sounds like something you could dig!




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Powerful stuff, great playing and good clarity in the mixing. I think the music has a nice balance between complexity and straightforwardness for my taste in heavy prog-influenced music. I also enjoy the switching between angular riffing to grand, majestic feel and back. And then there's "Solar" which is something quite else again. Unsurprisingly, the bass is super tasty throughout.

Very riff based, there's little overtly melodic content here but I'm really not missing that. I like how the pieces don't drag on, but are quite concise. Easier to enjoy on repeat!


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Hey man! Thanks :)

Yep, it's that same Antoine, but he is playing guitars in Contemplator (not on the tracks on Bandcamp though, this lineup happened after the recording of the EP). I actually also played in Augury for a short run replacing Forest on one tour and a couple of local shows.

Thanks for the support man! If you feel like it, we're playing tomorrow (this saturday) in Quebec City supporting Symbolic :P

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