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Kickstarter for sci-fi space roguelike, Approaching Infinity -- OST by yours truly


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Heeeey guuuyyys.

I'm writing the soundtrack for an upcoming, currently playable (but early alpha) sci-fi space roguelike called Approaching Infinity.

  • Explore an infinite universe both by spaceship and on foot

  • Kill pirates. Seriously, fuck those guys.

  • Collect loot

  • Train your crew

  • Craft/buy/salvage new ship components

  • Invade other ships or board mysterious derelict vessels

  • Complete 12 unique quest lines sired by 12 unique alien races

  • Infinite randomized quests

  • Land on planets and decimate the inhabitants

  • Discover hidden treasures, ruins, and civilizations


Want a "free" copy of the soundtrack? Contribute $15 or more!

Check out the Kickstarter and see what you think! Please consider sharing the link on facebook, twitter, etc. if roguelikes are your thang. This is gonna become one of the standard roguelikes, I guarantee it.

A half-finished version of the first track is available near the end of the Kickstarter video.

In case you missed it, Kickstarter.

Happy funding!

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  • 3 weeks later...

Since my last post, the goal was more than met, almost 50% more than the initial goal. I'm making one more post to encourage people toward the final stretch goals, with a few hours to go.

If you already contributed, thank you. Ecto, Bob, and I are ecstatic to be a part of this! It's been really exciting, the success has forged new friendships and put three people to work, doing what they love to do.

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