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OMG, need halpz! OC ReMix press coverage links

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I need help maintaining our collection of press clips, as there's tons of great interviews, album plugs and that kind of stuff that's not cataloged on the site. This is now the NEW forum home to collect this info, so that I can eventually document everything and add it to the site's Press pages. BTW, if it's negative, it's fine; we don't care.

We may move it to Site Help later, but for now, if you have info about news coverage focused on (or briefly mentioning) OC ReMix, I'm looking for the following info:

  • Interviews of OC ReMix staff published by anyone are OK
  • Online news coverage
  • Print publications
  • YouTube reviews or interview mentions of OCR by e-celebs
  • Blog mentions by e-celebs
  • Anything else I haven't thought of

Just links are fine. If it's a print publication, scans would be really awesome. If it's audio, timestamps on when discussion of OC ReMix starts and ends would be great. :-)

Interviews of OC ReMix staff published by any fan or outlet are OK to post, because they're direct conversations with the artists. However, I'm gonna end up sounding like a douche, but any reviews or mentions on someone's small personal blog will not be added to the list. Just letting you know in advance, if the blog itself isn't a direct interview and doesn't have a following, there needs to be a loose cutoff somewhere, and that's where it is. It needs to be notable.

Thank you in advance to everyone who helps out, I really appreciate the help!

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Do you want stuff like where Vig was on American Idol and wore an OCR teashire while playing the Tambourine, and I think he wore an OCR shirt in a Zedd video

I'm guessing a collection of all the kotaku type links for album releases? *sob*

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