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OCR02968 - *YES* Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Duel Stories 'Duel in the Desert!'


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Contact Information

Username: timaeus222

Name: Truong-Son Nguyen


ID: 39971

Submission Information

Game: Yu-Gi-Oh: Dark Duel Stories

Remix Title: Duel in the Desert!

Console/Platform: GBC

OST Composer: ...Konami? You guys might have more info than me on this.

Source: Shadi, Lv1 Duel --- In case these links get deleted, the MP3's are also attached in the submission email.

Composed in FL Studio.

Remix: Attached in the email, MP3 VBR1. This mix is a project mix for the Game Boy 25th Anniversary ReMix Album Project.


"Middle-Eastern remix coming your way! This remix was heavily influenced by a lot of the Yu-Gi-Oh I watched as a kid. To this day, I still like the classic anime, and much more than the later ones. They just don't compare to the storyline genius of the classics. i.e. Bakura stored a portion of his soul into a Millennium Puzzle piece he stole back in the intro-to-Marik episode (WAY long ago, Marik being the second main villain in a line of five), and he actually referenced that action and made use of it as the main plot twist in the final season, acting as the final main villain! Now there's something you just don't see anymore.

At first, I just thought about doing the "Level 1 Duel" source, but that just couldn't work it out in my mind without the Shadi Theme! After about 28 hours total of remix work, this bad boy was born. Big thanks to chimpazilla for supplying the awesome drum samples and the Omnisphere Turkish Dulcimer samples!

Oh yeah, and one more interesting thing: Every single non-percussive instrument aside from the dulcimer and zourna was either zircon's Cinematic Synthetic Drums library or Zebra---and a large portion of the instruments that were from Zebra were made from scratch just for this remix (bass, flute, sitar, wind, some of the leads, etc.)!

Hope you find it a unique approach!

- Timaeus


Extra Info:

Source Breakdown ---

0:00.000 - 0:10.898 = Shadi Theme (0:00.000 - 0:16.057)

0:10.898 - 0:32.011 = Original

0:32.011 - 0:40.529 = Shadi Theme (0:16.057 - 0:23.606)

0:40.529 - 0:47.526 = Original

0:47.526 - 1:07.559 = Shadi Theme (0:23.606 - 0:41.997)

1:07.559 - 1:12.662 = Original

1:12.662 - 1:29.827 = Level 1 Duel (0:00.000 - 0:27.028)

1:29.827 - 1:33.827 = Original

1:33.827 - 1:46.860 = Shadi Theme (0:41.997 - 0:56.538)

1:46.860 - 1:54.881 = Shadi Theme (0:16.057 - 0:23.606)

1:54.881 - 2:25.379 = Level 1 Duel (0:27.028 - 0:53.420)

2:25.379 - 2:42.885 = Level 1 Duel (0:53.420 - 1:07.216)

2:42.885 - 2:50.872 = Shadi Theme (0:56.538 - End)

10.898 + 8.518 + 20.033 + 17.165 + 21.054 + 48.004 + 7.897 = 133.569 seconds

133.569/185.234 = 72.11% source. :D


- Shadi

- Level 1
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Nothing earth-shattering in the way these sources are handled - this is kind of an archetypal OC ReMix approach. A more modern style, strong focus on the melodies. There's absolutely nothing wrong with a remix taking this approach, especially when the production is this strong and the mood so well-crafted. Truong-Son never overlooks the little details, and it's self-evident how much time he put into getting the sounds right. Easy to like, and will probably be loved by those who are familiar with the original sources.


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