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OCR02939 - *YES* Metroid Prime 'Let's Upset a 'Troid!'


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Submission Letter Info:

Contact Information

Username: timaeus222

Name: Truong-Son Nguyen

http://tproductions.comeze.com/ (Tech Services, WIP)


ID: 39971

Username: AngelCityOutlaw

Name: Chris Schmidt

http://angelcityoutlaw.com/ (Music Composition Services)


ID: 45057

Submission Information

Game: Metroid Prime

Remix Title: Let's Upset a 'Troid!

Console/Platform: GameCube, Wii

OST Composers: Kenji Yamamoto, Kouichi Kyuuma

Source: Attached.

Composed in FL Studio 10.

Remix: Right here, MP3 VBR1.


"Truong-Son's Comments:

This ReMix was loads of fun, and I really enjoyed working on it with AngelCityOutlaw. This is a crazy effort, and I do believe ACO's guitar and arrangement contributions really tied this together very well. You just can't get that heaviness to the palm mute chugs with a sample library.

This was my first time using Fruity Granulizer, and I loved the result. I really enjoyed the challenge in mixing this track overall, though. Fitting the wubs snugly into the guitar was tough for sure, but it sounds so cool in the end!

Chris's Comments:

You know, sometimes I love it when things don’t work out. This Metroid Prime mix started as a Pitfall and Tomb Raider mix that “fell” through. So we abandoned it and began to look for other sources to remix instead. Timaeus suggested the Menu Select theme from Super Metroid, and I figured the credits theme from Metroid Prime was a more complete choice, and the rest is history! Timaeus did the mixing, mastering and the majority of the arrangement on this one. I contributed guitars and some additional composition and arrangement. I also managed to beat Metroid Fusion during the times that T was working his magic on the mix! Seriously though, this thing was a huge undertaking and we hope that you, arbiters of OCR submissions, will enjoy evaluating this. To all of the people who have and will listen to this ReMix and support our music, we can’t thank you enough and we’ll see you next mission!

- Truong-Son and Chris"

Extra Info:

Source Breakdown:

0:00.00 - 0:04.40 = Original

0:04.40 - 0:22.00 = Source (0:00.50 - 0:12.98)

0:22.00 - 0:39.56 = Source Variation (0:12.98 - 0:30.04)

0:39.56 - 1:14.68 = Source (0:30.04 - 0:55.58)

1:14.68 - 1:26.39 = Source (1:39.24 - 2:12.26)

1:26.39 - 2:13.21 = Source (2:12.26 - 2:29.49)

2:13.21 - 2:24.92 = Original

2:24.92 - 2:33.71 = Source (0:30.04 - 0:55.58)

2:33.71 - 2:36.64 = Original

2:36.64 - 2:52.73 = Source (0:30.04 - 0:55.58)

2:52.73 - 3:27.84 = Source (0:12.98 - 0:30.04)

3:27.84 - End = Source (0:00.50 - 0:12.98)

213.03 / 232.07 = 91.8% source, maybe minus 20% for variation and obscurities. :P


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Pretty nice balance overall, I dig the low end. I think some more delay on the leads would help it feel less dry and pasted on top without making the signal too wet, but otherwise things were sitting pretty good.

Guitar writing was nice overall but it felt like the part was really subdued, there was so much space that could have had some sweet flourishes, like some tapping or sweep picking, but it was pretty much just rhythm. It sounded good, I was just expecting more. Some of the synth balance was a little off, too, like the arp at the ending (3:10ish) should have come way down and not be as prominent. The moving part is plenty easy to hear, it doesn't need that level of volume to contribute. Nice modulation on the synth lead.

Overall it needs a bit more polish but I think it's passable, nice work guys.


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Drums (esp snare) sound like they got the low/low mids gutted out of them. It could be style preference, but I think it would be far more effective with better presence in those registers.

Guitars make for a nice backing pattern, letting the synths keep the focus for much of the work. Nice synth choices here. Drum writing was really well varied to keep it fresh and interesting.

Great arrangement.

Solid stuff.


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I think the arrangement is really solid. There's lots of references to the source material, and it's a pretty unique approach. I felt overall like the track was a bit subdued in the bass aspect, and in fact you might have been able to bring the entire track up a touch to give it a little more power. I think the others have some good crits that you can take into account for future mixes.

If the arrangement wasn't as solid as is, I might have been a bit more borderline on the production (regarding the crits mentioned by others), but I think this is pretty solid as-is.


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