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Support the Steam Greenlight campaign for Approaching Infinity (OST by me!)


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Greenlight link

Hey, everyone! I've been working on two (or three, depending upon how you look at it) game soundtracks recently. One of those games, a highly accessible and unique sci-fi rogulike called Approaching Infinity, just began its Steam Greenlight campaign fresh on the tail of Dungeonmans, the excellent roguelike zircon is most excellently scoring, succeeding in its own campaign. So congrats to zircon for that!

Check out the third video on the Greenlight page for an extensive walkthrough of the gameplay and features PLUS a nearly 15 minute preview of some of the music I've written for it so far.

There's also a FREE BETA. I hope you enjoy the game and the tunes! Please vote YES! :D


Features taken from the dev's blog:

- Select a ship and venture into unknown space

- Visit planets, shipwrecks, star temples, ruined cities, space stations, mercenary hideouts, and alien embassies

- Find, buy, and sell new ship parts, devices, and powerful rare artifacts

- Battle 12 Alien Races, or make friends with them and complete their missions of self-preservation, exploration, and galactic domination!

- Complete both randomly generated and hand crafted quests

- Explore procedurally generated environments, with over 20 different algorithms

- Hire officers and choose their skills when they level up

- 50 devices and 53 skills, with more of both to come

- Encounter over 65 monster types

- 5 victory conditions now active!

- Find, buy, and sell “commodities” in the old “space trader” vein

- Escape dire situations by the skin of your teeth

- Infinite Play! No sector or item level cap.

- In-game tutorial and help

- Use your Keyboard, Mouse, or XBOX 360 controller!

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