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JUDGANATOR Feedback, Bug Reports, and Your Judgements (April Fool's!)


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My "report" yesterday:

I just submitted a Terra remix and it got accepted! Unfortunately, JUDGANATOR thought it was from Chrono Trigger.

That wasn't a joke. That actually happened! I DO have a FF6 Terra remix WIP. I submitted it to JUDGANATOR just for a laugh, and when it not only accepted my remix, but mistook it for Chrono Trigger, that just made my day. I've been a fan of OCR for years, but I've never been able to contribute until recently. I've finally started chasing my dreams of becoming an indie artist. And even though I knew it was a joke, just seeing that big green "YES" made me feel strangely confident. The commuinty of artists here on OverClocked ReMix has been a HUGE inspiration to me and I can't wait to finally give back to you guys. And soon, hopefully.

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