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  1. My "report" yesterday: That wasn't a joke. That actually happened! I DO have a FF6 Terra remix WIP. I submitted it to JUDGANATOR just for a laugh, and when it not only accepted my remix, but mistook it for Chrono Trigger, that just made my day. I've been a fan of OCR for years, but I've never been able to contribute until recently. I've finally started chasing my dreams of becoming an indie artist. And even though I knew it was a joke, just seeing that big green "YES" made me feel strangely confident. The commuinty of artists here on OverClocked ReMix has been a HUGE inspiration to me and I can't wait to finally give back to you guys. And soon, hopefully.
  2. I just submitted a Terra remix and it got accepted! Unfortunately, JUDGANATOR thought it was from Chrono Trigger. Will you guys be able to correct that before it's posted?
  3. This was already one of my favorite tracks on NESteryears. Now I love it even more! Didn't even know that was possible. Awesome stuff. Can't wait to hear the Super Metroid album!
  4. BTW Dave and Dave, the Nostalgia Critic actually made a Halloween video years ago of himself fighting a Teddy Ruxpin. It's hilarious and somewhat creepy. Awesome remix, of course. I loved BadAss V1 and I am now devilishly digging V2.
  5. No way that's the same tenor from "Dies, Nox, et Omnia"! Ryan, you've got a great voice, bro. This is easily one of my favorite cuts from the new album. I'd love to see you two star in a music video for this and put it up on OCR's youtube channel. I can already see Josh in a durag!
  6. OCR does the best April Fools pranks! I always make it an event every year to see what you guys do. And now that it's over, I want names. Who are Octopus Lime, Orgasmic Alliance, and who are the members of Block Party? Did I hear Jill in there? Also, did anyone else notice the screen-cap for the TMNT4 Quad City mashup read "Teenage Mutant HERO Turtles"?
  7. Man, this album came out of nowhere. It kicked down the door, stormed into my room, threw what I was currently listening to to the curb, and thusly began raping my eardrums. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I am truly digging the kick-assery over here; soaking in the myriad of malevolence. Nostalgia flooded as I beheld the visages of foes long since felled and I steeled myself as I looked into the eyes of evils I've yet to vanquish. I always enjoy album projects just for that reason; they reaquaint me with tunes I know by heart and introduce ones I've never heard before. Bad ass indeed. You guys put together one hell of an album. Can't wait for Vol.2! On that note, might I suggest Tabuu's theme from Super Smash Bros Brawl? I know he's not an iconic villain (not yet at least), but his music is loaded with kick-assery and I'd love to hear it remixed. Great work guys! Keep it up!
  8. Seeing the source tune and remixer, I thought I was in for some kick-ass Mega Man metal. Imagine my surprise. Pleasant surprise, that is. We already know L99 can rock hard, now we get to see his softer more accoustic side. Like I said, pleasantly surprised. And loving it! Keep up the good guit work.
  9. That was the most fun that I've had while listening to a remix in a long time. Dr. M, I truly think this is your best yet. And I just know I'm gonna be replaying this cut for the rest of the week. Ride'em, cowboy!
  10. This is the best thing to happen to OC ReMix EVER!!!! I've always wanted to create a VG remix for the site, but never had the time. Now it just takes four clicks! This is awesome! Thank you OCR. Thank you for making my dream of being a remixer a near effortless reality.
  11. Oh yes, PrototypeRaptor! Please give us more Kirby 64 remix goodness! I love the game and am so glad to see a remix of it finally on the site. You said it wonderfully in the submission email, Miracle Matter was the toughest part of the whole game. And he wasn't even the final boss! Every time I absorbed the correct power, he'd turn into something else. Grrr! He's actually more like Sybil than Dr. Lecter. I love this. The original theme was already enough to get my adrenaline racing, but you've taken it to 11. And I recognized the Vincent Price laughter at the end as well. So yes, if you've got more Kirby 64 in the works, then I can't wait to hear them. I've actually got a few ideas myself. I'd love to remix the Shiver Star levels 2 and 4 and Neo Star level 4. Also, love the Kirby "game over" sample at the very VERY end. Cheers!
  12. "Hop in the damn car!" LOVE IT! Great prank guys! I really should've perpetuated it. Next year, I promise. I missed out on the "EARemix" prank. I DO remember the "Sonic: Recapitated" project. That had me fooled for so long. Probably because I hadn't yet listened to djp's "Love Hurts" remix. If I had, I would've known in a heartbeat. One more time! "D-D-D-Damn! Damn car! D-D-D-Damn! Damn car!"
  13. Awesome stuff AnSo, as always. Great tech mix of the cave theme. And I agree. There's not enough DKC3 love out there. We need more! We've had an album project for DKC1, there needs to be a DKC2 and 3 album as well. Those are still two of my favorite game soundtracks. Hey wait a sec... ATTENTION REMIXERS!! PLEASE MAKE A DKC2 AND DKC3 ALBUM!! I can see it now. Sixto could rock out the rock-climbing theme. Sephfire could do a killer tech/industrial revamp of the factory. BGC could pump some serious adrenaline into the boss themes. CotMM could make the beehive as dark and ominous as Hell. zircon could do a tech/new age forrest interpretation. Malcos or DJP could jazz up Funky's themes. And bLiNd could trance out the rollercoaster! It would be AWESOME!! But those are just my ideas. Sorry for going off on a tangent. Great work AnSo. Can't wait for the next. Seriously, though. We'd love to see a DKC2 and 3 album. Pleeeeeeeeeeease.
  14. Awesome! Kick ass kudos to the both of yoos! Love the part at 0:24, sounds like guitars on a sugar binge. And at 2:33, always love a good synth solo. This is one hell of a first sub. I don't know how you're going to surpass it, but good luck with that. Welcome to the fold, Theory of Nonexistence. (Or as you shall now be known, ToN. As in... ToN of fun! Oh god, that was terrible. Don't look at me!)
  15. While I can understand why this wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea, I just can't stop listening to it! This remix is just plain fun. And I always love hearing first subs. Hope to hear more soon. The sound fx are my favorite parts. "Yippee!"
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