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  1. I came across this when HvV came out, and I dug it then, but since I don't really pick apart albums to grab the songs that appease me, I had not done so for this, and forgot about it... that is until I was browsing the OCR torrent, and had just hit random on my playlist and this came up, and I was like... Duuuuuhhhhh.... (in a state of phonic ecstasy) Ever since then, I've listened to it about some 25 times on repeat just to make sure to drill it into my head how !AWESOME! this mix is. I've never played the SoR games, but if there ever was a remake to that game that uses this mix in it's so
  2. Ah, darn. I wanted to try seeing if it could process a Megaman X song made entirely from cat meows. Oh well, maybe next year.
  3. I was one of the downloaders of the Serious Monkey Business album, and I have to say that this track was my absolute favorite of the entire thing, only one other song grabbed me, but this one did it best. I really liked the synth melody that starts and ends the song. I've found myself putting on my a-b repeater on the end part because it's just that grabbing and in a way relaxing. It does have a feel of a song that uses a similar synth, but for the life of me I can't recall any name or even what the genre of the one this reminds me of. Though I never got to play DKC2, I did grab the music fil
  4. Hello. I may not post much at all here, but I must say that this is an awesome mix. Though I may not know what "muddy" is defined as here, but if it's what I think it is, I think you could have solved that issue simply by adjusting the equalizers on each of your instruments used, and sharpen them with a bit more treble. But since it's already done, well, we'll just have to deal with it as is. But that's not to say I think it's bad by any stretch of the word, oh no, I quite enjoyed it, and think it was fine just as it is. But, one must account for a very wide range of listening equipment each
  5. Well now, I know I'm about a year late to congratulate you, but I guess better late than never. I remember asking about having you post all the version you had of this in the WIP section, and I'm glad that your hard work payed off. Even today I'm still listening to your current and first versions of this, it's that awesome of a mix of that beloved game I had on my first and last gameboy handheld. Excellent mix.
  6. Very nicely done. Though I've never touched any of the Myst games, I'm sure that by the example set here that they have their own charm for each one, soundtrack wise. For this, I can appreciate the trancy feel with the ultra smooth soundscape that invokes visions of games like Eve or your choice of space flight games with fairly long times in between the action. But to see it as colorful and an abstract beauty of sight and sound this plays well indeed in such a vision. The emotional crest (really the closest way to describe it) around 3:40 with the second chorus synth and the key change was
  7. Yes, he changed the name in his last update, the post called "Comparisons". He has no idea why he changed it, maybe this new title sounded better.
  8. Thanks Rozo, I'll be sure to put my 2 cent in there later.
  9. Well, i guess I'll concede your point, but not on the basis of how you interpreted the idea. (Ah yes, lazy is my friend too.) It's not so much on judging each one separately, but based on taking favorable elements from all the versions posted that people critique on and creating the final version with them. Now using this song's development as example, and referring back to previous posts of what I've heard, I'll show how I look at a song. Do take note that this is the first WIP I've monitored this closely since I've become an OCR listener/member. All because this song suits my taste in mus
  10. Whoa! That IS a big difference. My ears certainly heard those low frequencies in your original version, certainly not for those who put heavy emphasis on the bass on their equalizers. I'm glad I caught this when I did, I'd have never heard all this goodness of the 4 versions I collected. A word of advice on your next WIP song: allow the multiple versions to be heard along with whatever current version you are working on, so people can critique on all the steps taken up to your final version, for like a "Which version most appeals to you?" vote. You'll never know if the judges like a previou
  11. I didn't notice the differences at first, until I compared it to the previous version. I noticed you increased the treble to allow for a clearer sound, and the piano sounds a little brighter and fuller now. The backup harmonics and melodies are more noticeable, hats off for that, thanks. I did my comparison by rapidly switching between the 2 versions while manually selecting sections to listen to, and this new version has lifted the haze that the previous versions suffered from, good job. Now all you need to do is find a panel judge or two and have them look it over. I would also recommend
  12. Well done. I'm happy you took my suggestions to heart. The ending sounds so much better. But that intro still needs a bit more work, but this may also be that I've been listening to your previous version like some 40 times up until this morning, so the new version's intro sounds like it flows a bit awkwardly now with the new snippet. I did come to fancy that small pause in the previous version just before the melody starts in. It does get one's heart going on that little bit of anticipation of what's to come. But that's at your option. A smooth flow of notes is desirable for a slow intro, tr
  13. Well, I must say that it's been a while since I've heard a recent Tal Tal Hights mix. As a casual listener, I'm impressed with your mix so far. Just to be fair, my first listenings (x6) were with my winamp graphic equalizer turned off, since I have a decent pair of ear-buds that sound great either way. Like what those who've commented so far have said, the intro could do with a little compression of 10 to 30 seconds to get into the meat of the song a bit quicker, and it would be great if it could be done without losing or cutting the elements that are established there already. I particularl
  14. What dreams may come. Which is exactly why I re-downloaded this mix, because the vocal part made a cameo in one of my dreams last night. Afterward, I couldn't remember the name of the song or where it was from, except that it was here on OCR. I got up about 5:20 AM just to search out those lyrics, because I didn't have that song to listen to immediately. I hadn't even listened to the song for a couple months since the unveiling of Votl. Funny huh? Damn subliminal messages. X P
  15. The section from 1:17 to 2:15 sounds very much like a dance song I heard way back in '98', kinda nostalgic. High points dude.
  16. I keep imagining ol Red in a more humanoid form sporing an Old West outfit complete with 6 shooters and sheriff Badge walkin into town when I hear this theme. Yes it's short, an A-B repeater is useful for this. Good work.
  17. Well now, this one certainly has a bit of a Lincoln Park/Limp Biscuit like feel to it, IMO. I generally like this piece of PCP-drugged up adrenaline rushed schizoid case of music madness. Though I don't know about keeping anything true to the original, but I personally like it when an original piece is sent to the mental ward for some drug-induced stress relief. Alright, that just sounds cheesy, but I can't help but think that way. The only thing I can gripe about is that there appear to be some lyrics at the beginning that aren't on the writeup lyric page, circa 00:44 - 00:59. Someone mind s
  18. Personally I'd like to hear samples of what you have so far. It might get things going again with a little constructive critiquing, ya Know?
  19. Woo hoo! I'll be looking forward to that. How many of the songs have gotten attention so far? Done, wip, or not touched?
  20. Very good demos there Prophet, there only 3 songs of the original that I listen to. I think you could remix the rest to be bearable to listen to. BTW, the 3 songs are Extol, Phony, an Zyp Zyp. But more Extol than the other two, it ranks the highest on my list out of the OST. Edit: You're having trouble with the miniUSFs? Are you using Winamp(preferably a fresh install) and the ChipAmp pack? If you are having problems, then somethin's fishy there. And did you get a reliable..... uh... archive of the OST? I got mine off Zophar's Domain.
  21. Holy Krubeshire, Beatdrop! To go Pro is good, to be selected by a well known company is better, to be selected by a JAPANESE well known company is Awesome! Congrats to you. And I only caught this thread by chance..... and only a month-an-a-half late too. Good for me! Being able to enjoy your sonic awesomeness.
  22. I liked Z 2, however I had mixed feelings about the original source material. I don't know anything about the "music sheet measures", all I know is that the melody topped out at about 5 or 10 seconds in length. This mix on the other hand, puts a new feel to that oh-so-short melody, and breaths new life into it. I'm sure if the original could mimic the style, it would have been much less annoying. I keep imagining this song being played in some laid-back European (Italian?) bar.
  23. It'll be interesting to see how you handle Extol(My fave song thus far). Those vocal/choiral samples (of the ost) are good, but sound like they're from a badly arranged MOD file. Maybe it was a hardware limitation? Edit: Ah, he just chopped up a sample from a sample CD. Still, not for being an N64 launch title, with all new(at the time) hardware. Research done. Anyway, Good luck.
  24. Unreal + Nali expanse. - Under 50 tracks? Unreal Tournament '99' - Depends on how many custom maps that include music you have. Batman (NES) 12 tracks http://megatwerp.com/akumusnsf/B/Batman%20(Prototype).nsf Image Fight (NES) 18 tracks http://megatwerp.com/akumusnsf/I/Image%20Fight.nsf Kick Master (NES) 24 tracks http://megatwerp.com/akumusnsf/K/Kick%20Master.nsf
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