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New musical group SFAIRA, from Tokyo.

DJ Crono

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Hi everyone, long time since I've posted but I wanted to get the word out about my new musical project.

We are SFAIRA.

A new musical project based in Tokyo, Japan.

Our genre is New Age / Electronic / Cinematic.


The team consists of my wife and I.

For those who don't know, we are both songwriters here in Japan writing for major artists. Also, my wife is the keyboardist for X JAPAN (legendary Japanese rock band).

OCREMIX means a lot to me, so I wanted to post here and spread the love.

We have 3 songs up so far with videos.


『Primeval Terra』


Please feel free to share, re-post, like, tweet and subscribe to our SFAIRA page and videos if you enjoy them. Comments and such also appreciated!

Thank you!!

~Jovette Rivera


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Hi Derrit,

We've only just released our first 3 songs, but we do have an album in the works.

We'll always be releasing info and more music so please subscribe if it's something you like :) And if you know any other people who might like it as well.

Thanks for listening!!

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