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...RIP ReMix ThaSauce? [update: nope]

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I don't know if it's just me but it seems as if the RTS site is not exactly working. Specifically, while the main site seems to work, all of the MP3 links are broken (both streaming and downloading) and the 1-250 torrent has zero activity. Oh and the comments aren't working either. It's been like this for a couple days too.

Does anyone know the status of this site? I'd be upset if it was broken for good, there were some nice hidden gems and I was hoping to go through the archives in full some day...

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Vilecat let me know earlier today. We are aware of the issue and looking into what the problem might be.

Edit: This should be resolved. The IP of the MP3 host had changed. In the future if there's an issue please let us know via our Facebook page or PMing starla, fusion2004, Suzumebachi, or myself or in #thasauce on irc.esper.net

Thank you for your feedback.

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