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Fixing OCR mp3 tags

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Hey guys I recently swapped over to a new comp and when i popped in the HD of the old computer to the new one...it unfortunately messed up a lot of my mp3 tags. I don't have a backup of the original mp3 files sadly.

Is there a program anyone knows (free) that I can use to fix them? Most of the messed up tags are from remixes I've downloaded from OCR - including many albums which I've starred and removed the ones I didn't like...so it's not something I'd want to do all over again by redownloading them all. The names are all intact but the album that they are from is not...even though they are all in their own unique folders.

I use wmp12.

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Can't say I'm aware of any options besides re-downloading the files. Others know more, so I hope someone else chimes in, but I'm not aware of any programs that just store MP3 or FLAC metadata without a corresponding file.

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Ok, re-read that. So is it your metadata index that got messed up or the tags in your MP3s?

Thanks, going to look into that program. Not too sure of the difference between metadata and the tags but the place that stores info like album, composer, etc...all that got wiped. I know I probably won't be able to get back most of that info but at least to have something change the empty album tags to the same as the folder name that contains the mp3's would make a huge difference for sorting.

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