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Cryoseism - Ecco: Tides of Time remix


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Hi all.

Here is a work-in-progress from Ecco: Tides of Time. The tune is "Two Tides".

EDIT: here is the most recent version (v3): http://picosong.com/PQPe/


The opening is actual whale and dolphin samples. I couldn't get the ocean sound out of one of them without removing the cool growl that goes with it so that has been left in (any suggestions? I tried Audacity noise reduction).

Also worth noting that a reconstruction of the Bloop is in the background throughout, so that's what the weird sound from time to time is.

The original can be found here:

So... what does everyone think?

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Ah, the bloop! That's hilarious XD I remember when people thought it might be an enormous (Cthulu) monster. :)

I like your instruments and melodies, especially the one starting at 1:42.

The melody in the foreground is good. But the backing melody (the 'aaaah') feels too repetitive or perhaps too prominent or for a background. It seems too loud that it clashes with the foreground melody?

You could add more variation to the backing melody. If you wanted, more could be added to the foreground melody as well.

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I definitely see where you're coming from. Truth be told, I was shocked how well my poorly-sung vocals turned out with a little processing so looks like I went overboard. :-D I already tweaked it so the "aaaah" samples themselves are half as loud and you're right: it sounds a lot better.

I think the best way to reduce repetition is to take the vocals out of the middle portion and come up with another way to keep it varied there. Maybe I'll adjust the flute melody there. Maybe add some harmony, which can carry over into the final portion.

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Cryoseism v2


What's new:

1. Decreased volume of vocals - sounds way better now. :)

2. Also decreased volume of bass through most of song to bring out the melody better.

3. Added cymbal crash to the start of the final section - better drama.

4. Added some variety to vocal loops, and removed them from the middle portion.

5. Added harmony to melody for middle and final section.

6. Edited flute VST parameters so it doesn't slam into the high notes anymore. :lol:

Personal concerns:

1. I kind of feel like the percussion could use more variation. Agree/disagree?

2. I also think the final section could use something additional but I'm not sure what.

3. Still stuck on the noise removal thing with the ocean sound at the start. :banghead: It's kind of growing on me but I still think it'd be better without.

Any other suggestions are of course welcome as well. Thanks.

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The ocean sounds don't bother me. I like them. :) But if it'll make you happier to remove them, go for it. It's your piece. ^_^

Yes, it definitely sounds better without the vocals drowing out the other instruments. :D

And you've improved it through other means I can't pin down.

mm *nods* More variation couldn't hurt. Even though it's a chill piece, it still doesn't change a whole lot throughout. It is something I'd put in my Ecco remix list and listen to regularly. But I don't think there's enough variation in melody to pass the ocr judge's panel.

And with that, I'll have to defer to someone else to offer a better critique! :) I've reached my meager limits of musical feedback. XD I'd do any further changes you can think of (eg. adding variation) then mark it as Finished for a while then change it to Mod Review.

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What's new:

1. Biggest thing: expanded "B" section, added vibraphone melody and viola. Reduced repetition and shortened mix overall.

2. Added bass drum hit after the pause.

3. Removed ocean sound (for whoever's curious, I first applied a low-pass filter to the noise section before using it as noise profile; obvious after the fact :-|)

Edit: I can't find how to mark it finished. I'm sure I'm staring right at it but... help please?

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Ah, improvements. :D

Now to change the title -_- hmm...

In this thread, Nutritious says...

Remixers will post their mixes as normal in the forums, flagging them as either Work-in-Progress, Finished, or Mod Review. Work-in-Progress mixes include any song currently being worked on that is not in its final, submittable form. At this stage, mixers should solicit feedback from regular forum members on production and arrangement improvements.

Once the mix is completed, the mixer will change the status of the mix to Finished. Changing the status is done via the "Go Advanced" button when editing the first post. A track being marked Finished means that the mixer feels that the song is in its completed form and is ready to be submitted. Mixers continue to gain feedback from other forum members with extra details and finishing touches to the mix.

Finally, this mixer will mark his thread as Mod Review. At this point, the mixer MUST post a link to the original soure tune being remixed. We prefer YouTube or a link to the chiptune on OCR, if either is available. Then, a Workshop Admin will listen to the song and present feedback based on the submissions standards of OverClocked ReMix. Once they have posted their review, the Mod will revert the tag to Finished. Depending on the feedback, the mixer can choose to revert their thread to Work-in-Progress and continue working on the song, or go ahead with the submissions process to the site.

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Ecco the Dolphin, I remember playing this game, and I remember that I was frustrated at the time that the dolphin had very limited and nonviolent attack options. Had I been a bit more mature at the time, I would have probably enjoyed the game more.

As far as this mix goes - I do not think that it goes enough in the direction of being a ReMix/rearrangement. It is more of a cover. It preserves the same mood and much of the same notations for most of the instruments from the source throughout the mix. The only truly new thing that I notice is the change in the bass notation at around 1:40. So, this fact alone would elicit a NO from the judges.

I liked the woodwind lead, you managed to make it sounds pleasant and natural, at least to my ear. The strings that come in around 2:08 sound pretty good too. Drums are ok, they sound a little bit distant (too much reverb) and the notation is sparse and basic, but it could work, depending on the context and the rest of the mix. However, I am concerned whether they will sound too lo-fi if they are brought a bit more to the forefront. Unfortunately, most of the remaining instruments/vsts sound rather lo-fi - especially the bass, vocal pads, and synth pads/stabs. Both bass and vocal pads sound robotic and unnatural.

You will need to come up with new and interesting ideas for the rearrangement and improve your sound quality. Perhaps, you can start with focusing on production and making this mix into a well-produced cover? During this process you will likely get some arrangement ideas, and if not, you will have improved your production skills.

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Ooo, very... underwatery! I actually like the combination of instruments throughout, as it really does evoke a haunting underwater passage. The SFXs are particularly neat. :)

Panning! I'm a personal fan of it, but in certain moderation. In the context here, it's a little bit distracting because of how it stands out over the rest of the track. Everything else sounds so much in the center, the panning just jumps out. I'd suggest spreading the rest of your instruments a little bit more - the panning would be distinct, then, but not distracting.

Loving the flute, but it's so dry in comparison to the rest of the mix. Lower the wetness of the rest of the mix and make the flute a little more wet so they ultimately have roughly the same amount of reverb.

That bass... it's stiff, and it sticks out in front of the mix too much. Take it to the back of the mix, as it's supposed to be a support for everything else, not the main instrument of focus.

As Ambient mentioned, this is a pretty conservative mix, though I'd argue it's a relatively easy fix due to the texture variations you've supplied throughout, so it's not insurmountable. What you have is a perfect support to really add some structural embellishments and melodic flourishes. Do some more with the mix to make it your own, and I think you could make the arrangement pass on it. As it stands, it would get a "NO", though.

Balance the instruments better and tweak the arrangement to make it your own and you'd have a chance on the panel. As is, it'd be rejected, but I think it has some good potential. Hope this helps! ;-)

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