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  1. I love this so much. I love everything about this. I love that not only did it pick a great source material I never would have dreamed would have remixes, but it also namedrops the title to show it off. And I love that this is just a totally sweet wicked awesome killer 10000/10 funkalicious discothon MASTERPIECE.
  2. Holy crap I love this. Assassin's Creed II and MGS1, two of the best video games in history, and even a touch of Revelations in there, and it all fits like it's not even a medley. I love it all, the vocals, the arrangement, the instruments and effects, this might just be my new favorite remix on the whole site. Love love love love LOVE the bass drums too. Beautiful work.
  3. Thanks for the responses. All good suggestions, I think. I'm pretty new at this haha. I'll work on it some more and update later.
  4. Ah, thanks. Funny thing is I had already read that thread but I forgot that part (heh).
  5. v3: http://picosong.com/PQPe/ What's new: 1. Biggest thing: expanded "B" section, added vibraphone melody and viola. Reduced repetition and shortened mix overall. 2. Added bass drum hit after the pause. 3. Removed ocean sound (for whoever's curious, I first applied a low-pass filter to the noise section before using it as noise profile; obvious after the fact ) Edit: I can't find how to mark it finished. I'm sure I'm staring right at it but... help please?
  6. Cryoseism v2 http://picosong.com/PuFn/ What's new: 1. Decreased volume of vocals - sounds way better now. 2. Also decreased volume of bass through most of song to bring out the melody better. 3. Added cymbal crash to the start of the final section - better drama. 4. Added some variety to vocal loops, and removed them from the middle portion. 5. Added harmony to melody for middle and final section. 6. Edited flute VST parameters so it doesn't slam into the high notes anymore. Personal concerns: 1. I kind of feel like the percussion could use more variation. Agree/disagree? 2. I also think the
  7. I definitely see where you're coming from. Truth be told, I was shocked how well my poorly-sung vocals turned out with a little processing so looks like I went overboard. I already tweaked it so the "aaaah" samples themselves are half as loud and you're right: it sounds a lot better. I think the best way to reduce repetition is to take the vocals out of the middle portion and come up with another way to keep it varied there. Maybe I'll adjust the flute melody there. Maybe add some harmony, which can carry over into the final portion.
  8. Hi all. Here is a work-in-progress from Ecco: Tides of Time. The tune is "Two Tides". EDIT: here is the most recent version (v3): http://picosong.com/PQPe/ http://picosong.com/PXM3/ The opening is actual whale and dolphin samples. I couldn't get the ocean sound out of one of them without removing the cool growl that goes with it so that has been left in (any suggestions? I tried Audacity noise reduction). Also worth noting that a reconstruction of the Bloop is in the background throughout, so that's what the weird sound from time to time is. The original can be found here: So... what does ev
  9. Wow I wasn't expecting a reply so soon. I think I may just use that standard flute instead. My project demands a little longer duration than those samples provides, but there are lots of great samples in here so I'm definitely keeping them. Thanks. And the big hits are great too. I think I can use some of these. Thanks to you as well!
  10. Does anybody know of a free alto flute vsti for Windows? I have a standard flute that I can probably use instead but I think the alto will be the perfect thing to put it over the top. I'm also looking for some free bass drum stuff. You know, the big booming concert-style bass drums that ring. I'm looking for both a "hit" on the drum and a roll. Doesn't have to be a plugin. If anybody can point me to some good .wav files I can work with that. Thanks!
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