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  1. Ok so here's something I threw together with Synth1 and the Atmospherik Mekanisms soundpack from 99Sounds. I also added one that was just the percussion. I didn't bother to clean it or even write a decent melody; it just uses the Jpop IV7-V7-iii7-vi progression and loops the same two phrases over and over after a layering intro. But as a proof of concept, I think it sounds ok. I think with some processing on some of those samples to make them sound bigger, this could make for some pretty cool machiney percussion. MachineyPercussionPoc.wav MachineyPercussionPocRaw.wav
  2. Thanks for the suggestions! Lots of good stuff in there, especially Damage 2. It kinda hit me just now, it may not be a bad idea to wait until I have a car problem and then ask my mechanic when I drop it off if I can record some sounds. Not sure how they'd feel about a customer walking around when they're trying to work but you know you'd find some great sounds that way if they allow it. Also, if you're me, you don't have to wait long for car trouble.
  3. Forgive me if this comes across as Devsman thinks this comment section is his personal blog, but I think this is worth sharing. About eight months ago, I was listening to this, and asked myself, why am I still here? So I posted the comment above to let the remixers know it had made me think. To provide context, I was an engineer by degree but never managed to get a real engineering job. They just didn't happen where I lived. I was nine years into constantly getting my foot in the door, getting experience in a kinda-sorta-related industry, and more or less just losing hope of ever landing the job I wanted. So to be asked why are you still here was like a movie character making eye contact. Of course I knew why--my dream job just didn't happen where I lived. But I thought, you know what, that's not insurmountable. I'll do something crazy for once, just for kicks. I actually applied in the next city over, got an offer, and even convinced my family that we should accept and make the move. Eight months ago, little kid Devsman would have been ashamed of my job. Today, he would say "you do what?! That's freaking awesome!!!" So thank you, remixers, for the wake up call. And to everyone else: Your fate is in the stars. Why are you still here?
  4. The kind of stuff you hear in factory/mine levels: https://youtu.be/YAB0uPsSY8w Some of this seems to be actual samples, or sound effects repurposed as percussion, so I'm not necessarily looking for anything that matches super close to any particular sounds here. But if there's a way to get a lot of sounds in the same general spirit, that would be awesome.
  5. Ah, I think you're onto something here. I just came up with a few simple melodies to hum as-is and then a whole step lower, and it does tend to sound sad, even if it goes from a minor chord to a major.
  6. Yeah, that's exactly how I'd put it. Another tune that does something similar, but I understand why a little better, is Aurora's Theme from Child of Light, which has a really obvious minor chord progression, but the melody focuses on the major third between the third and fifth to make it sound cheery in spite of its own key: It's so effective that there's even a solo version that could completely fool you: Heh, I'm trying to learn some music theory, so I've been looking for stuff like this to try to understand it.
  7. Hm, I dunno. A lot of times minor doesn't sound sad to me exactly, but maybe like dramatic or edgy. Sometimes it even kind of contrasts a fast tempo so the song doesn't end up sounding like something out of Barney. Like in a lot of rock music. As a kid, I usually heard it more like that, where it just would have been too much to be fast and also cheery so they mellowed out the melody a bit. It's kind of recent that I really started noticing it sounded a little sad.
  8. I could never put my finger on exactly why, but it sounds kinda sad to me. Not like weepy sad, but more like, a little bittersweet or something. Anyone agree?
  9. I always thought this would be a cool mix. In the style of or Vocals/lyrics optional.
  10. So I just did my 2021 update, haha. New additions: Mega Man X 'Rolling' by Maverick Astley Donkey Kong Country 2 'All Aboard the Glitter Express' by Light Pillar Ocarina of Time 'To See Like Me' by Bowlerhat feat. Felix Brassel, Pierre Vyncke, Gregory Ksiondzyk, Dirk Bosman, David Jans, Chae Yeon Lee, Hee Hyun Lee, Louise van den Heuvel, Arno Grootaers & Rebecca Driesmans Sonic the Hedgehog 'Speeding Towards Adventure' by Azzykay316, Final Kingdom, Furilas, Jorito & Tuberz McGee Mega Man X5 'Never Gonna Give (Up the Funk)' by Jorito feat Tuberz McGee, Anton Corazza & Eino Keskitalo Final Fantasy VI 'Dream 'Til Tomorrow' by Earth Kid Street Fighter II 'Family Man' by Overclocked University & Moonlapse Golden Sun: The Lost Age 'What I Want to Say' by Vylent and TSori feat. Spy Girls Fixed mistakes: Added Metal Gear Solid 2 'Big Shell West Bristol' by BenCousins. I accidentally left it out when I first put the yt playlist together. Moved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV 'Pizza in the Van' by Chidi Enyia, MMvsUSAF, Roqsteady and Samara Smith to the end of the playlist, where it was supposed to be. Many thanks again to all the Remixers who have contributed to the site! Hm, I took a look and it says they were removed by request. There are a whole lot of ReMixes from this author that were removed by request. Huh. Well, I suppose that's all anyone needs to know.
  11. When you find a remix with a tag you want to search, you can just click the tag and it will bring up everything that has been tagged with that tag. https://ocremix.org/tag/lyrics-original https://ocremix.org/tag/lyrics-existing You can also browse all tags here: https://ocremix.org/tags Though the site does warn that this is still beta and might not work well.
  12. Yeah, I was surprised at first too. And this isn't even close to all of them. There were hundreds, probably thousands of them last time I searched.
  13. So I have a playlist I've been working on for a couple of years now; finally decided to share it! I have a couple I've put together, with different criteria, so the criteria for this one was: Must have prominently-featured vocals (not just background OOH AHH) Must be from a game I like, or at least a game with music I like Cannot be featured on an album I already listen to separately Now, this is pretty rough criteria--I bent or outright ignored the rules for a couple of tunes I just really liked. So if your remix doesn't appear, please don't take it personally! I probably just never played the game it comes from, or already had the album, or maybe just not personally a fan of the genre, may even just be newer than the last time I added stuff, etc. It is (rather uncreatively) titled OCR Vox. I just put together a youtube playlist for it: (1) OCR Vox - YouTube Here is the track list. I separated it out into discs, like some of the OC ReMix albums do. Each disc has its own opener and closer, and of course I sorted them all based on what felt to me like the most natural progression musically. DISC 1: This disc was mostly composed of tunes that felt like intros to me. 1 (Disc 1 opener). Castlevania: Symphony of the Night 'Lost in a Nightmare' by Palpable. 2. Donkey Kong Country 'Permutation' by Nicole Adams, injury & Entheogen. 3. Mega Man 4 'Standing on Top' by Flexstyle and Jason Covenant. 4. Donkey Kong Country 2 'A New Place' by injury, M.J. Ault, Nicole Adams & Tepid 5. Super Metroid 'Kindred' by Jillian Aversa & zircon 6. Ocarina of Time 'Generations' by DrumUltima, Jillian Aversa, XPRTNovice & zircon 7. A Link to the Past 'The Goddess Gets Groovy Tonight' by Garrett Williamson & Sir Jordanius 8. Mega Man 9 'Daft Drafts' by zircon 9. Donkey Kong Country 3 'mojo gogo' by prophetik 10. Final Fantasy VIII 'Eyes on Me (Not Faye Wong)' by FFmusic Dj & Rydia of Mist 11. Mega Man 2 'Smooth Steel' by Malcos & zircon 12. Street Fighter II 'Ryu Next Generation (RNG)' by jdproject 13. Chrono Trigger 'Lucid States' by ambient & DragonAvenger 14 (Disc 1 closer). Ocarina of Time 'Lullaby of the Sky' by Jillian Aversa and zircon DISC 2: Discs 2 and 3 were for tunes that had an "act 2" feel; which I know is really vague, haha. I mostly split them up because otherwise there would be this one disc twice as long as the others. 1 (Disc 2 opener). Final Fantasy II 'Grind My Crank' by XPRTNovice 2. Metal Gear Solid 'Never Go Away' by Chris | Amaterasu, Claire Yaxley & Dj Mystix 3. Chrono Trigger 'The Incredible Singing Robot' by Star Salzman 4. Mega Man 10 'Going Commando' by Brandon Strader (What happened to this one? I can't seem to find it anymore on OCR or anywhere else; naturally, I had to omit it from the yt playlist.) 5. Mega Man X4 'My Choice' by Brandon Strader (Ditto. I did find it on youtube, but it was uploaded by someone else and I didn't want to perform a faux pas if these were deliberately deleted) 6. Final Fantasy 'Find Your Way' by Darangen 7. Chrono Trigger 'Forever Until Tomorrow' by Paul Baxter and Star Salzman 8. Mario Kart DS 'Charade' by Hale-Bopp 9. Ocarina of Time 'Namors Gnudlib Theme' by Sir Jordanius 10. Mega Man 'Call of the Cut Man' by MEGAROCKMAN 11. Final Fantasy IV 'Over and Under' by Jason Brian Merrill 12. Donkey Kong Country 2 'Clouds Away' by Bekah Jones, DiGi Valentine and Palpable 13. Mega Man 9 'Concrete Heart' by AkumajoBelmont and Jason Covenant 14. Chrono Trigger 'Town Life' by djpretzel and Geoffrey Taucer 15 (Disc 2 closer). Ocarina of Time 'They SeeMe Rolling' by anterroir, Chimpazilla and timaeus222 DISC 3: Disc 2, part 2! 1 (Disc 3 opener). F-Zero 'The Freedom of Zero' by Harmony 2. Donkey Kong Country 2 'Us Monkeys Together' by Flickerfall 3. Legend of Zelda 'Hyrule's Angel (The Sleeping Beauty)' by Game Over 4. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 'Oil Ocean (WT-40 Mix)' by PlanetSkill 5. Mega Man X2 '(Don't Wanna) Hurt You' by Jorito 6. Final Fantasy VII 'Holding Hands' by DrumUltimA 7. Super Mario Bros. 'The 2-2 Blues' by brentalfloss 8. Super Mario Kart 'happy breakfast' by posu yan 9. Mega Man 3 'Blue Reflection' by injury 10. Donkey Kong Country 3 'My Red Hot Pursuit' by Wintermute 11. Sonic Adventure 2 'Knuckles' Unknown from M.C.' by Jose' the Bronx Rican 12. Mega Man 4 'Get a Weapon Weapon' by MMvsUSAF 13. Final Fantasy VII 'The Rules of the Road' by XPRTNovice 14. Mega Man 3 'Cataclysmic Clash' by Game Over 15. Final Fantasy VIII 'Shine Tonight' by Poolside 16 (Disc 3 Closer). Mega Man 7 'Seventh Climb' by Cyril the Wolf DISC 4: These are mostly songs that sounded like closers to me. 1 (Disc 4 opener). Katamari Damacy 'Prelude, Fugue and Groove' by Gamer Symphony Orchestra 2. Legend of Zelda 'Rabbit Joint Cover' by The Rabbit Joint 3. Ocarina of Time 'Solace' by 2P & David L. Puga 4. Kingdom Hearts 'Destiny Forgotten' by adrian and Diodes 5. The Wind Waker 'Rime of the Wanderin' Seafarer' by zyko 6. Mega Man 9 'Smooth As Honey' by Sir Jordanius 7. Sonic Adventure 2 'Graveyard Theory' by Zone Runners 8. Nier 'Ancient Dreams' by Dj Mustix and Sabrina Valenzuela 9. Sonic Adventure 'Chaos Nightmares' by PrototypeRaptor 10. Mega Man 'Light's Out' by Game Over 11. Final Fantasy VI 'Anathema, Quietus & Apotheosis' by HeavenWraith 12. Sonic the Hedgehog 3 'SZRC Anthem' by Flexstyle and OverClocked University 13. Mega Man 2 'For You' by AkumajoBelmont 14. Sonic the Hedgehog 'Finality (Radio Edit)' by Cyril the Wolf and JH Sounds 15. Metal Gear Solid 3 'Innocent Deception' by Claire Yaxley and Dj Mystix 16. Mega Man X 'Dreams Come True' by Protricity and Star Salzman 17. Final Fantasy VI 'Forever, Young Rachel' by David Saulesco and Poolside 18 (Disc 4 closer). Chrono Trigger 'The Place We Knew' by Claado Shou, Jillian Aversa and Reuben Kee DISC 5: What gives? Why is there a disc after the closers? And why is it overrun with Xenogears remixes? Well, long story short, these are where most of my 2020 updates landed. For previous updates, I had been mixing the new tunes into the existing four discs but they were getting so long already that I decided to add a fifth disc. And I just so happen to have played Xenogears (and a few other titles) for the first time shortly beforehand. 1 (Disc 1 opener). 3D Pinball: Space Cader 'Interst5llar 5a5uke 5ever' by Sir Jordanius 2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV 'Pizza in the Van' by Chidi Enyia, MMvsUSAF, Roqsteady and Samara Smith 3. Xenogears 'Pillar of Salt' by Star Salzman 4. Star Ocean: The Second Story 'This Love, Our Love' by DusK 5. Mass Effect 'One Small Step' by Moire' Effect 6. Xenogears 'Ragnarok' by FFmusic Dj and Geoffrey Taucer 7. Sonic the Hedgehog 'Live at the Springyard' by Harmony 8. Xenogears '7 Years Broken' by djpretzel 9. Final Fantasy VIII 'Wings of Freedom' by Forest Elves 10. Super Mario Kart 'A Road That You Go' by DiscoCactus 11. Xenogears 'My Child' by Abadoss, DragonAvenger and Nutritious 12. Mega Man X8 'Es-cop-ay' by KingTiger 13. Xenogears 'Hymn of Aveh' by katethegreat19 14. Mega Man 9 'Tornadosaurus Rex' by PrototypeRaptor 15. Street Fighter II 'The Ken Song' by jdproject 16. Final Fantasy 'Vivo Revenis' by Jordi Francis and Shadow Dreamer 17. Suikoden II 'Do You Remember?' by Jorito, JoyDreamer, Lauren the Flute, Trev Wignall and XPRTNovice 18. Kingdom Hearts 'Protect Your Kingdom' by Smooth4Lyfe 19 (Disc 5 closer). EarthBound 'Home Again' by Dale North I think that's all correct. Please let me know if you see any mistakes, spelling errors, differences in order, etc. Thanks to all the remixers named above, and many who were not (because this is not an exhaustive list of all the remixes here that I really love)!
  14. I love this so much. I love everything about this. I love that not only did it pick a great source material I never would have dreamed would have remixes, but it also namedrops the title to show it off. And I love that this is just a totally sweet wicked awesome killer 10000/10 funkalicious discothon MASTERPIECE.
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