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Zelda ocarina of time - Serenade of Water Rock Ballad arrangement

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This is awesome!! I really like how the song picked up at 2:13. Any chance of a download link?

Hi thanks for comment. :mrgreen:

For now there is no mp3 download, I'm not sure if Sound Cloud allows you to download this song... anyway since you are not the first one in asking me this. I'll start uploading mp3 versions of my covers...

Thanks again

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Wow. I really like how you transitioned the basic melody into the theme that's in Twilight Princess at 1:12. It was unexpected. To be honest, several seconds later was unexpected. I like this. The comment about SoundCloud downloads, you can enable or disable the download. Where your song is at, go to the pencil icon next to the "Share" button. You'll be redirected to another page where you're allowed to edit the title, image, description, etc. Way down below is the Advanced Settings. If it says "Download disabled", click it once and it'll be enabled. That's if you want to make this downloadable.

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lol fabulous video, very nice playing, good tone, pretty arrangement, hope it goes viral and you get the big bucks especially for 2:15 when it goes all rawk. there's really nothing I love more than a good 80s rock ballad, nice job.

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Thank you FM :mrgreen: ... I'm glad you noticed it. I gew up with whitesnake, rainbow, deep purple, foreigner, also steve vai and joe satriani, jeje...

Hey Uffe!! thanks for the comment, form the beginning I knew I had to put the Twilight princess version on this, it is beautiful, one of my favorite parts of the game, chasing Rutela to the graveyard... and her final message to her son :| ... I just hope it wasn't unespected in a uncomfortable way.

And thanks for the tip, now all my guitar covers are available for download. If you guys are interested. :razz:


Thank you!

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