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Nu Jazz-y Green Hill Zone


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Gosh this is a little loud. The overall hit at 0:03, for example, has a pretty meh cymbal sample. :-P Fantastic chordwork, though. Nice flourishes in the lead here and there, and good bass tone. Interesting record scratches, and I don't think it's quite to the point of being overdone.

The drums are a little strange in that there isn't often a kick drum on the 3 in your patterns (1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +), and I keep wanting to hear it there for the sake of variation and because it's a typical drum beat stylistic choice. It's obviously not a big deal though, just something of note. Also, the snare tone doesn't seem like it fits this swung jazz atmosphere; it's sorta like a TR-909, I think. Maybe something with more low-mids and a little less white-noise-like. The kick can benefit from a little more oomph with some layering, as it's not that present aside from the low bass frequencies. I feel like 1:28 can use a transitional element, like a cymbal or sweep. Same with the other breakdown sections. That way people can tell when you switch sections.

The piano is clearly a real sample, but it occasionally feels mechanical and plunky, such as at 3:23. Mainly the hard tone and the deficiency in velocity layers that are causing that. Possibly also the velocity magnitudes, but I can't tell whether it's that or the velocity response. Maybe both.

My main complaint is that the groove stays pretty similar for much of it. It's nice in a vacuum, but it'd help the dynamics to, for example, calm the bass down and have it in longer sustains at 2:21 - 2:40 and 3:02 - 3:45 to lower the energy. Another way to say it is to use less notes per measure (making it less busy). 3:43 had some sour notes.

Overall, the dynamics stay pretty similar, and relaxing the bass rhythm and busy-ness can help create some nice contrast in your breakdown sections. Some spots here and there can use transitions, or variations on transitions that are already there to incorporate some subtle differences that lessen the repetition on a larger scale, and maybe a solo or something to change it up and maintain interest. The piano sample can be replaced with one with more velocity layers, but I think it's not quite a big enough issue on its own because it's not exposed for a long time each time it pops out of the sound field (for me this is borderline because it's not a primary lead).

This is nice, but it just needs a little more TLC, fixing minor issues here and there, and breaking out of the same groove that's used all throughout the length of the 4:37 piece (established by the drums and/or the bass). For the record, I like the arrangement itself in terms of the progression, and you had some cohesive textural choices for the most part. The groove you have going on is enhanced with the swung eighth notes and you do have some breakdown sections at practical moments in the remix. I think this is pretty close, and could easily pass before 2007. You may also want to try a source breakdown to see where you stand in terms of source usage. This feels like it's inspired by GHZ but has the potential to be just barely too liberal. I dunno, I'd have to check for myself later if you don't want to do it yourself.

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I gotta say this is pretty sexy.

Honestly I have no issue with the kick thing Timeaus was saying. I love it how it is.

However, I would definitely bring up the kit a bit or at least add some more punch. I feel like more low end could be added to the snare and both need more punch using a compressor, probably.

Also, everything feels slightly too quantized for me. Too perfect. I think stuff should be at least a bit off because it sounds more natural and way groovier. As I like to put it, perfection is imperfection. :)

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Awesome mix!

at 2:22-2:40, particularly at 2:27, I think the synth piano that is panning around becomes a bit too distracting and makes that section muddy (probably because the chords are arpeggiated). I think you shouldn't have it pan so hard left and right, at least for that little bit. Afterwards I have no problem with it doing that--it adds a nice background when the source tune is playing.

I agree about the quantization, but it's not inherently bad. Some original sections like the lead starting at 4:08 and the sections at 1:30 and 2:22 could definitely use it, though. It definitely wouldn't hurt to add the humanization to all the fills you do, at least.

I disagree with timaeus about the stale groove. I think it varied itself enough (I would love a solo, though).

Overall minor things, this is good stuff :-)

P.S. What are the voice samples from?

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