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Legend of Zelda | Time of Courage


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Hey! Pretty neat remix you have going on here. I love the scope of the mix, how it hits a lot of the various Zelda themes from multiple games. The break that hits at the Zelda II theme is far and away the best part of the track. It's a shame it doesn't stick around for long though. I'm talking about about 2:11 - Freakin' awesome part.

Your mixing is alright, but there's a lot of muddiness in the track. A lot of your synth choices blend together to create this thick lump of sound that's difficult to dissect. Some parts play better than others, but certain areas become a bit 'muddy' - I'd like to see the reverb tweaked a bit and maybe toned down a notch and perhaps some different synths chosen all together.

Compounding that problem is the lack of diversity in the chosen sounds - each theme while unique in its own right falls into the same category.. while the drum work is solid all around, Things start feeling stale - specifically because of the synths and mixing, and that's a shame, because there is some awesome writing going on :) Love what you do with some of the themes.

Overall? Definitely a solid listen with some SWEET highlights (like 2:11) .. but the synths and mixing hold this back :)

Hope it helps!


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