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The DUNGEONMANS Remix Contest / Project. Remix old-school RPG music, win stuff! DEADLINE: Nov 15!


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By now you may have heard of the game Dungeonmans, the heroic 2D roguelike currently available on Steam Early Access. It was Kickstarted last year, Greenlit, and now it's slated for official release this December.

You can read more about the game at the other OCR thread, or check it out on Steam.

I've had the pleasure of writing ALL the music for the game - over 60 minutes in total - as well as designing all the SFX. The score is inspired by some of our favorite game soundtracks like Final Fantasy Tactics, Suikoden II, and Final Fantasy 12, among others. I can say without hesitation I am more proud of this soundtrack than any other I've done yet.


Now, I'm inviting everyone to remix and arrange the soundtrack and maybe win something in the process! Here's how it works.


2. Listen through and pick one or more tracks you like, and arrange them however you want. Transcribe it, or use the original audio, or add vocals... be as creative as you want. Take it in a new direction, or just do an awesome cover. It's up to you!

3. Finish your remix(es) by November 15th and send them to me via email - aaversa (at) gmail (dot) com, with the subject line "Dungeonmans Remix". Include MP3 + WAV. You can also post your mixes in this thread.

4. Everyone who enters will have a shot at getting on the bonus remix disc of the soundtrack. Anyone who is invited to be on the bonus disc will also have the right to SELL their remix and keep 100% for themselves.

5. The people who make our top three favorite remixes will each get to pick any TWO Impact Soundworks libraries of their choice.


How do you decide which remixes get invited to the soundtrack, and who gets the prizes?

Jim Shepard (the developer) and I will listen to everything and select the tracks that are fun, creative, and well-executed. This isn't an OCR submission - you can be very close to the original or sample the audio extensively. What ultimately matters is the end result. That could be an awesome heavy metal cover of the final boss theme, or an interpretive solo piano arrangement. There's no strict guideline, and if ALL the music is good, then we'll invite everyone!

Can I make more than one remix?


Is there a limit or restriction on length?

Please keep your remix under 10 minutes.

Can I submit my remix to OCR?

Yes! In fact, ideally, I think it would be cool to have a bunch of Dungeonmans remixes posted when the game launches. Of course, that's up to Dave.

Can I post my remix on SoundCloud, YouTube, etc?

Yes, once the game is released, and provided you credit me as the original composer and link to the game.

Can I sell my remix?

Yes, if you're invited to the soundtrack. Otherwise, you can share it for free.

Will you be selling my remix?

If you're invited to the soundtrack, your remix will be included as a BONUS DOWNLOAD to purchasers of the soundtrack. Also, the entire disc will be provided for free - streaming & download - to everyone. The tracks will NOT be sold individually.

Will I get any royalties?

No, but that's because the bonus disc will be available for free. While people who buy the full soundtrack will get a copy, they don't NEED to buy the soundtrack to get it. As the name suggests, it's a bonus! On the other hand, if you're on the bonus disc, YOU can sell the remix through whatever channels you want - iTunes, Bandcamp, Amazon, knock yourself out and keep 100%.


Please email your tracks by November 15.


Well, I'm pleased to announce that we loved ALL the remixes and they will ALL be on the Dungeonmans remix album! The album will be available on OCR on December 16th, at which point you'll be able to hear all fourteen mixes. Besides the contest entries you'll also hear works by artists like Inverse Phase, McVaffe, Joshua Morse, Willrock, Dj CUTMAN and XPRTNovice, who created their own spins on the soundtrack.

So, if you entered the contest, THANK YOU and feel free to sell your mix with my blessing. :-)

As for our top three picks from the contest entrants... it was a tricky choice, but the winning mixers are Sir J, Timaeus222 and Ivan Hakštok! Congrats guys! Please email me and let me know your library picks.

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Hey, cool! Congrats to all the other entrants, and especially to Sir J, Timaeus and Ivan! May the hair on your heads never fall out! Unless it already has, in which case... may you soon acquire a splendid new hairpiece!

...And now I really wanna go buy Dungeonmans. I'm absolutely terrible at roguelikes, but hey, at least I learn from the mistakes I make. ...Well, sometimes. :grin:

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