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You guessed it, Midi to wav, mp3, ogg etc....

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My brother writes all of his songs in Print Music 2002 edition. Of course the only really good way to output music from the program is in midi. So I'm asking for good ways to convert Midi to another format. I mean any format too. Wav, mp3, ogg, any others. And by convert I don't just mean convert. I mean truely make it sound better. I tried some of the methods in the pinned topics but couldn't get any of them to work. So...... I'm open to suggestions.



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You can import a midi into most modern sequencers and add high quality samples, NOT THAT THERE'S ANYTHING WRONG WITH THE MICROSOFT GS WAVETABLE SW SYNTH AM I RITE

Anyway, if you can convert something to .wav, you can convert it to pretty much any audio format ever. I like dbpoweramp a lot.

But there's no way to just convert a midi with some tool that enhances the sound, it's not that easy. You need to find your own samples.

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The synth? The "SYG100" (or whatever nunber it had) was bundled with FF7. It was also available for purchase once (all reincarnations, still need to contact Yamaha, damn). Even though it's not available anymore, it wasn't ever marked as freeware.

Why not get a SFplayer and one of those many "GM Packs" with like 250MB? (Hammersound, SF2midi.com, etc)?

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